Winter Hot Tub Usage In Connecticut: A Matter Of Personal Preference

Nutmeg State residents may question the validity of owning a hot tub in a geographic region that can see harsh winters and long cool spring and fall months. However, as anyone who has ever traveled to popular winter weather destinations can attest, hot tubs can and should be used year-round under properly maintained conditions. Still others will contend that there is nothing enjoyable about the prospect of relaxing outside in frigid New England weather. In both instances, the hot tub usage is a matter of personal preference and can be accommodated based on desire. The comfortable temperatures seen during summer months often outweigh the prejudice against winter, and see customers looking to incorporate hot tubs in their home environments. By late fall, the decision to utilize or winterize the unit in winter should be made to allow ample time to close-up or prepare the tub for continued use.

For owners opting to use their spa throughout the long winter months, proper care and attention must be given to ensure ongoing operation. Hot tub supplies such as an insulating cover will help keep down energy costs and can easily be found and purchased online. Take care to ensure snow is not left to accumulate atop the cover, as the weight can lead to structural damage. Protecting the pipes should be a top priority as low temperatures can lead to water freezing and burst pipes. Checking the main control box for no-freeze settings should be a top priority as soon as temperatures head south. Owners will enjoy the continued relaxation afforded by their spa during the colder months of the year.

Hot tub owners looking to avoid usage during the colder seasons can easily winterize their spa with some pre-planning during late fall months. A preventative maintenance plan that includes turning the heater off, removing the filter and completely draining the unit should be followed. Additionally, loosening couplers on both the heater and pumps will allow for additional drainage. Freezing can lead to irreparable damage and must be avoided at all costs. With proper care, owners will know that their unit stands ready to be reopened when warmer temperatures return.

In all instances, manufacturer recommended instructions should be followed to ensure proper care of the tub. Whether the hot tub will see use during winter months remains the decision of the owners. With proper care and attention, hot tubs in CT are perfectly suitable for winter usage. Alternatively, if the tub is destined for use during warmer months, attention to detail and proper maintenance are required to close for the season and ensure the unit is properly winterized and stands ready for years to come.

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