Where can I travel in Chad?

Traveling to Africa is usually a sensitive matter to some people. Not every one looks forward to traveling her mainly because of its reputation with famine, poverty and war. Well, Africa has much to offer the traveler and the beautiful landscapes and attractions will invite you to want to see more. Chad is a particular country of interest, officially known as the Republic of Chad it’s a landlocked country in central Africa. It has a total population exceeding 10 million people and the official languages here are French and Arabic. You can get in by plane with Air France that has daily flights from Paris. Despite having a reputation for civil warfare, Chad has a lot of things to see and do. Start at N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, the Avenue Charles de Gauelle is waiting for you to explore it. It’s populated with embassies and colonial houses which show evidence of lasting European influence in Africa. The Musee National N’Djamena also makes an interesting visit despite having lost some of its artifacts. The Grand Marche is the liveliest spot in N’Djamena that hosts vendors of books, foods and crafts. The Chad National Museum and the Chad Cultural Centre are new additions to the cultural attractions and they feature the Chadian culture and national traditions. The city of Fada offers the interesting geological formations and the Guelta d’Archei is its most famous.

The Gala Brewery is also a point of interest, located in the city of Moundou; it produces one of Chad’s most popular drafts. It’s also responsible largely for Moundou’s excellent nightlife reputation. Talking about nightlife, enjoy live dancing and music where there is an increasing number of night clubs in Moundou and N’Djamena. The Pari-matches takes place on most weekends in the capital: group of women hire bars and sell drinks all day. Chad has an excellent crafts industry. Buy a couple of souvenirs for yourself with items like camel-hair carpets, all kinds of leatherwear, embroidered cotton cloths, decorated calabashes, knives, and pottery and brass animals. N’Djamena offers just a selection of restaurants that serve mainly French and African food. You will also find European cuisine at some restaurants. You tend to find cheap restaurants and dining cafes outside the capital. The national specialty likely to get is peanut sauce over rice often eaten in Southern Chad. Meat dishes are very popular in Chad, and foreign travelers speak highly of the meat (particularly lamb). Drinks vary from traditional to international and you will love Chad’s excellent beer, Gala widely available in the capital. Karkanj is also another traditional beer made from Hibiscus flowers. There are several good accommodations in Chad and most are located in the capital. There are some small hotels at Sarh, a modern hotel complex in Zakouma National Park and various small hunting hotels in the southwest. Lake Chad, after which the county is named, is the second largest wetland in Africa and also serves as a beautiful site. Another popular attraction is the desert landscapes of Ennedi, and the Emi Koussi – found in the Sahara; it’s the country’s highest peak. Chad country might be a little dangerous but with an expert guide you will enjoy the warmth of the locals and the diverse attractions within the country. The broad, arid plains in center, desert in north, mountains in northwest, and lowlands in south give visitors what to expect in this war torn country.

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