What Is Special About Belarus?

If you are considering where to go for your next vacation, then Belarus is a perfect destination. Its beautiful nature, historical monuments and charming women are what make it well known to everyone. Belarus’s capital – Minsk – costs lower price to visit than Moscow (Russia) or Kiev (Ukraine), and is also more secure. Moreover, people in Belarus are very friendly andhospitable.


Unfortunately, Belarus is still considered to have problems with tourist infrastructure, lack of information in English and the obligatory requirement of visa. All this is paid off if you want to experience the real adventure. The main point to know that all the tourist services are present, most of them were recently developed and provide high quality of service.


When you plan your trip to Belarus you should know that you will be required to have an entrance visa. In general it can be obtained in Belarus Embassy in your country of residence or in Minsk Airport upon arrival. If you do your private or business visit you will have to provide an invitation from a person or a company in Belarus. This is one of the most important requirements for the visit. Another way is to turn to a travel agency and buy a complete tour including visa support, but in such case you will be required to pay a significant sum of money.


Another problem that a tourist may face is finding a cheap ticket to Minsk. There no low cost airlines to Minsk and the best price is usually offered by Baltic airlines for the flight from Riga to Minsk.


Booking a hotel in Minsk or in Belarus in general could be also problematic. The reason for that are extremely high prices for the service that you get. It is highly recommended to book only 4 and 5-star hotels otherwise you should not expect to have a decent level of service. Renting an apartment is another great option. It allows you to have the same level of service with a price that is at least 2-3 times lower. For example, a 4-star hotel room costs about 150 euro per night and the same type of apartment will cost you from 50 to 80 euro per night. As a rule all people that come to Belarus and try to save tend to rent an apartment.


For the rest you should know that taxi prices are usually triple for foreigners, but can be negotiated. Going to a good restaurant costs about 30 euro per person, but a general restaurant costs about 10 euro.


If you follow these tips for your vacation in Belarus, you may expect to experience the undiscovered culture and save a lot.


TravellingBelarus.com is a travel agency that helps to organize your trip to Belarus. It provides visa support, taxi reservation, rent-a-car in Minsk, apartment reservation and phone support during your period of stay.

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