Visit Azerbaijan Museum When You Travel To Tabriz In Iran

Azerbaijan Museum is one of the largest you will see when you visit Iran. It is located in the heart of Tabriz and has three main exhibition halls. It also has a very useful library and some office rooms. The museum occupies an area of 3000 square meter and is known for its vast collection which attracts the connoisseurs of art and culture in Iran. There are 100 books which are hand written, 2500 printed books on the varied subjects of archaeology, art and history and about 4600 identified artistic and antique items.

Divisions in the Museum

You must see Azerbaijan Museum when you travel to Tabriz. There is a basement, first floor and second floor in the building which include three huge halls. You will be greeted by exhibitions of works relating to archaeology and anthropology. There are also many artistic works belonging to the constitutional revolution period.

The spotlight is on the first and second floors which have a variety of pottery and bronze work dating back to the fifth millennium BC. The articles have been sequentially displayed in historically chronological order. You will see beautifully decorated vats, bowls, censers, tallow burners, water flasks and many such antique pottery pieces.

Objects of Value

Azerbaijan Museum even has objects from all around Iran dating back to the first millennium BC. A significant object of interest is the Gold Hairpin. There is a post-Islam section in the museum too which showcases things belonging to the period between 10th and 17th centuries.

There are also many old coins on display which are also divided on the basis of their historical periods. Some coins have remained from the third century BC, the period just after Alexander of Macedonia.

Historical Importance

You can see many reminders of the Constitutional Revolution when you travel to Tabriz and see the Azerbaijan Museum. The age-old photographs of many respected leaders of the revolution are there. Objects of anthropological importance can be seen in ten windows of the hall in the second floor. Costumes worn by people all over Iran can be seen here along with hand-written Quran, pencil cases, jewel boxes and similar items in use. You will also be able to see works of artistic interest of many European countries like bronze statues, paintings and works of ivory and bone. The place is a must-see when you visit Iran.

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