Tumon Bel Air: Expanding Guam’s Residential Horizon Towards Greener And More Comfortable Living

Stunning white beaches, coral reefs, turquoise seas, diverse culture and high end infrastructures, these and more are the things that people living in Guam enjoy on a daily basis. This island often referred to as “little piece of America near Asia” has rapidly transformed into a major economic region in the Pacific because of its strategic location and high-class infrastructure and telecommunication systems. Every year, the island attracts thousands of vacationers and entrepreneurs from Asia and other countries from the West. This in turn provides the island approximately $ 1.35 billion revenue per annum and this is what fuels its economy. Nonetheless, individuals and families alike migrate to this island to purchase residential properties and permanently settle to their heart’s content.

Back in day, Guam wasn’t actually a primary destination for residency, tourism and business. The governments of United States and America concurred in 2005 that the 8,000 marines and their families deployed in Okinawa will be relocated in the island in 2010. Such event provide a new hope to the economy of the island, most especially in the real estate in Guam which had been experiencing hard times in the last decade. As a result of the said transition, Guam is now experiencing real estate revolution as seen from its unrivaled increase in property sales and ownership and continuously attracts the attention of foreign investors with its business potentials in various fields.

Real estate in Guam is unstoppable. In fact, individuals and families who have permanently settled here consider island living as the most ideal, simple, laid back and secured living they’ve experienced. With the endless entertainment opportunities, unexplored wildlife and the chance to be in a place where technology is premium, don’t you wish you can call Guam your permanent home?

Location is of primary importance when it comes to owning a residential property in Guam. While you want to be at the center where work, school, and recreation is practically accessible, you would also want to take a break from the craziness of the daily grind once you arrive home. Sticking close to these requirements, Tumon Bel Air is the most ideal residential place that could suffice to these needs. Strategically situated at the heart of Guam, this subdivision will let you enjoy nature without thinking about the chaos of urban life and still be able to experience modern living at its best.

Tumon Bel Air is a project spearheaded by Bel Land Development Corporation-a real estate company known for contemporary residential projects lead by industry professionals who perfected the craft of real estate managements, construction and development. Though Bel Air is a newly developed residential community, it shows promising advocacy in maintaining the beauty of the nature surrounding it for the benefit of its unit owners, unlike other urban subdivisions that tampered the appearance of their surroundings. And the result is a haven with the perfect balance of man-made and natural environment.

Another ideal feature that makes Tumon Bel Air the residential location of choice is that it is not huddled with residential units. Instead, it is composed of 26 unit townhouse style homes, providing interested homeowners the opportunity to have a property with a yard and the option to expand. Drawing their inspiration from the changing needs of modern homeowners, Bel Land Development Corporation guarantees that every unit in the village is safe, secure and comfortable to live in, thereby giving value to your money’s worth. With all these things waiting for you, having a property investment in Bel Air is one of the best decisions you can make today.

Real estate in Guam is one the fastest growing industries in the region. In fact, year after year, more and more individuals and families are settling down in Guam. This is due to the business potentials brought by ongoing military expansion in the island as well as the entertainment and nature attractions it offer.

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