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Hangzhou, as the heaven on earth, has some unique cultural aspects that cannot be found in any other cities in the world. With the constant progress of all kinds of tourist elements, Hangzhou is no longer quiet but colorful. All kinds of entertainment ways are just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Modern KTVs, Disco balls, bars, and tea houses are here and there. Hangzhou people really live high-quality life.

Tea House:
The tea houses are full of commercial atmosphere in recent years. But in Hangzhou, they still keep the ancient style. Located in the Qiwang Road, there is a famous tea house. It is said a famous minister in Southern Song Dynasty retired here. In the surroundings, there are full of ancient architectures in the 1920s. The tea house connects the tea with the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty. The waiters are brewing the tea at presence. The tea sets are made up of famous celadon. This place is very suitable for people to talk with friends and do some business affairs. In such a quiet and gentle tea house, you may enjoy the unique atmosphere of the tea culture.

Enjoying the West Lake at night:
The West Lake at night is perfectly beautiful. The Hubin Road is the best place to visit the West Lake and go shopping. There are a lot of stores selling famous brand things. Due to the fashionable and new architecture, it wins a lot of international prizes. And near the West Lake, there is a music fountain against the beautiful West Lake. It is a romantic experience to walk in it.

In a tea house, two performers are showing tea art.


Sitting on the luxury dragon boat to enjoy the West Lake at night is a nice experience.

Bars and Coffee shops:
Hangzhou people like to entertain themselves in bars and coffee shops. There is a famous bar street called Nanshan Road Bar Street. The bars are beautiful and romantic. Many young people love them. They can show endless energy and youth. And in coffee shops, you can get a feeling of high taste. Usually, the coffee powder is grinded at presence and is boiled in the coffeepot. It keeps the original aroma and sweet in the coffee bean. Moreover, the coffee beans are bought from the original producing areas. It can make sure guests may enjoy the fresh and pure coffee.

In addition, the Hangzhou Future World is the biggest outdoor theme park in Asia. You can get an unforgettable experience there! The West Lake International Golf Club is very popular in the entertainment industry. There are two big golf courts there. Also, there are other public ways of entertainment, such as KTV, taking a bath in hot springs, body building, and so on.

All kinds of bars are shining at night.


Bars are the best place for young people to release pressure.

All in all, coming to Hangzhou, you must be attracted by its beautiful scenery with a lot of legends. And you must not leave here without experiencing some special ways of entertainment. You can visit to get more information about this.

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