Tips On Travelling In Caracas

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela is the place where you can find historical significant, religious sites and spectacular landscapes. This article will give you some guidelines before visiting this city.



Those who want to enjoy nature’s bounty can straight away head to the ‘Parque Nacional El Avila’, the national park. The park is situated in a hilly terrain and offers a spectacular view of the plains below. The park is also rich in its variety of flora and fauna. The climate here is mostly salubrious, in general, through the Venezuelan climate is notorious for its fickle nature.


No visit to Caracas is complete without visiting the Museo De Arte Contemporaneo, which has some of the finest collections of art. One can find master pieces from renowned artists like Picasso, Jaon Mira, among others. The museum has for long enthralled hundreds of visitors with its exquisite collections. If you are looking to visit a church, then Caracas has virtually one for everyone. The most famous church in Caracas is the Iglesia de Sanfrancisco. It is a beautiful example of colonial architecture and houses the site of Simon Bolivar’s funeral. The church is thronged by visitors, all through the day.


The Parque Los Caobos is a famous park, situated almost in the center of Caracas. The place is set in beautiful ambience and is teeming with joggers, walkers and tourists. The Cathedral Metrolpolitina de Caracas is a historically significant cathedral. It is visited by millions of people every year.


Caracas is a throbbing city with an active nightlife too. One can get to enjoy the finest cuisine from around the world in Venezuela’s vast number of eateries and hotels. One can get a wide variety of accommodation, depending on one’s budget, here quite easily. The people of Caracas go that extra mile to make every visitor, feel like home.


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