Things To Do In Andorra

Andorra is lank-locked tightly between France and Spain deep into the center of the Pyrenees. It is really only 180 square-miles, which tends to make it the 6th smallest country in Europe. There is suggestion that the name comes from the Arabic al-Dorra, which signifies forest but little is definitely known of its name. The country became an entity unto itself officially in 1288, when the surrounding rulers formulated the principality but still all co-inhabited the mountainous area none the less. It actually wasnt until very recently in 1993 that France loosened its reigns enough for Andorra to turn into an independent state. There are now seven parishes that all each have their own mini-governments and govern law and order for their inhabitants.

As being a tourist in Andorra, you may be fairly welcome indeed. Roughly 9 million people come in Andorra each and every year and resin in some of the modern hotels in Andorra. A lot of the magnetism comes of the proven fact that its a tax heaven in which you dont pay duty on anything due to Andorra not yet being part of the European Union.

Skiing in Andorra

The ski resorts are the biggest earners for the tourists sector in Andorra. Its possibly the best region for a skiing holiday in case youve never been before or are a little bit new to the sport. The ski slopes are all quite manageable and you can find many of the largest ski schools in Europe there to help too. Here you can find some charming hotels in Andorra.

Hiking Tours in Andorra

Along with skiing, you’ll find some cracking hiking tours in Andorra and this really is rather popular with visitors. They may be best explored though within the summer when all the snow has melted. For this season you will find discounted prices at the hotels in Andorra.

Shopping in Andorra

Shopping is as well-known in Andorra as skiing. You will find around 2000 shops into the tiny mountainous state, which functions on about one shop per 40 persons living there. The best shops are found in the capital Andorra la Vella, that is pretty much the one place you want to be to sample more than just the world of skiing.

Sightseeing in Andorra

Many of the new and luxury buildings and hotels in Andorra will make you think youre in Monaco but in the mountains. The high light of this place are the churches Santa Coloma and Sant Esteve, which was made even grander in the 1960s and boasted some very impressive wood carvings.

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