The Most Popular Cities In Colombia

Colombia could be a attractive destination for your vacation. There you’ll find attractive Colombia hotels, along with a number of fascinating tourist sights.

Here is a list with the most well-known cities in Colombia, which you dont have to miss visiting while you’re on your vacation.

Bogot – The Republic’s Capital, a city where all the country converges. Bogot hosts various internationally acclaimed activities such as the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival (largest one on Earth) and “Rock to the Park”, a concert featuring rock stars from around the globe. The city also offers an awesome variety of hotels in Colombia, restaurants and museums, for example Andrs Carne de Res along with the National Museum of Colombia.

Barranquilla – Colombia’s Golden Port and capital of the Atlntico department. Barranquilla holds its world famous Carnival each February.

Cartagena – The Heroic City, Capital of the Bolvar department is Colombia’s tourist city by excellence. The colonial architecture and the skyscrapers can be seen together in this city that provides a unique experience of festivals, restaurants and hotels.

Manizales – The City of Open Gates, capital of the Caldas department. This city full of parks and republican architecture, is among the getaways to the coffee region.

Medelln – The City of Eternal Spring and capital of the Antioquia department is well-known for having a large textile industry, which produces top quality clothing that is sent all over the world. It is also the birthplace of Master painter Fernando Botero, therefore it houses the great majority of his works.

Santa Marta – One of the most touristic cities in Colombia, capital of the Magdalena department. Santa Marta is unique in the sense that it offers you lovely beaches one day, and the next one a walk to the foothill of a snowy mountain, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest in the country. Its a wonderful opportunity to find there a lovely hotel in Colombia, suitable for your holiday.

Cali – Salsa capital of the country, this city offers many different festivals and events.

Leticia – Capital of the Amazonas Department, this city is a place to experience the Colombian Amazon in its full.

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