The Laid Back And Attractive Destination Of Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania is a different sort of country, much in part because of it’s location: where Western and Eastern Europe meet. This mix of influences can still be seen in the country today, especially in its capital city of Lithuania. While Vilnius is definitely a cultural and historical place, it’s different from other European capitals in that it isn’t a sleepless, fast-paced city. Vilnius instead is a representation of all of Lithuania: its culture, its heritage, and its tradition. You will need a passport if you are thinking of going abroad, but using online U.S. passport services can get you started.

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During your stay in Vilnius, you will see there is no shortage of interesting attractions to see. There are many gorgeous churches, one of which is the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, which also happens to be one of the oldest churches in the country, making it full of history. Vilnius Cathedral is another visually stunning building, and you definitely want to make time for this popular attraction. The original of this Cathedral was constructed as far back as the 1200’s, and it’s new, Gothic model was constructed soon after, in the 1380’s. If you head to the crypt, you can see a cross-section of the different looks of the Church over time, which can really put the country’s history into perspective. The Chapel of St. Casimir is considered as possibly the most beautiful part of the Cathedral, and the catacombs are fun to explore as well. Don’t forget to head outside to find the “stebuklas” brick, which translates into “miracle.” If you stand on this brick, make a wish, and turn around three times, your wish is supposed to come true.

Gediminas castle is another historical landmark that you should see, and the view from the top of the towers gives you an unbeatable view of the city. The castle also houses a museum. The Old Town district of Vilnius is the remainder of what used to be the Jewish ghetto. Many of the buildings are hundreds of years old, and it was officially declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994 for its historical and cultural significance. Another place to visit is Three Crosses Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding city. There is legend that says Franciscan monks were tortured here and crucified on the very spot.

If you find yourself with a little extra money to spend, look into visiting Europe Park, as it is a great place to explore or just stop for a picnic lunch. In addition to the beautiful park landscape, there are a whole lot of statues that were sculpted by more than 70 different artists around the world.

The culture of Vilnius in Lithuania is definitely unique and fun to experience. It’s incredibly easy to just lose yourself in the atmosphere, just don’t forget that you need a passport. Passports can be easily purchased online with the help of an online American passport expediting company, which can help you with things like getting a passport renewal.

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