The Highlights and Low Sites of Peru Holidays

From the Mountains to the Plain

One of the most relaxed tours of Peru that you can take is a trip on the Andean Explorer Train, which follows a mountainous route from the city of Cuzco to gentler Andean plains at Lake Titicaca, a journey of 240 miles. The train is run by the Orient Express company, and has an open-air observation car for taking the best photographs of the view.
It is a picturesque way to reach to Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border with Bolivia.

Peru Holidays on the Lake

At Titicaca you can explore the city of Puno, with its archaeological sites. From Puno you can take excursions to see the various island cultures on the lake, such as the Uros, where communities live on artificial floating islands over the water. The Hotel Titilaka, which includes excursions in its price, is a good place to stay if you like some luxury on your Peru holiday. Situated on a private peninsula, the lake-view suites of rooms with heated floors and spa bathrooms, will comfort you after a hard day’s exploration.

Tours of the Colca Canyon

From the biggest lake to the biggest canyon. The Colca Canyon is deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. In fact, California’s canyon is less than half as deep as this one in Peru. Holidays to this part of Southern Peru will include exploring this dramatic natural phenomenon, seeing the alpacas and llamas, and walking along the green agricultural stepped sides of the canyon made by the Incas, which are still farmed today. Treks as part of Peru tours will take you to the base of the canyon where the river flows.

As well as being home to the giant hummingbird, the canyon is a particularly good place for catching sight of an emblem of the Andes. The once rare (and still threatened) Andean Condor can be seen flying overhead here. Being part of the vulture family, condors are not particularly pretty close up, with fleshy adornments like the wattles of a chicken. However, in flight, with its feathery fingers fanned apart and its nine foot wingspan, it is an impressive sight as it soars and tours Peru’s open spaces – for up to a hundred miles in a day – looking for food.

Peru Holidays in the Rainforest

In the Amazon, it will be you doing the flying as you take a plane straight into the heart of the rainforest. There are a number of lodges in this vibrant ecosystem from which you can explore the “Lungs of the Earth” to see and hear the diversity of life in this tropical region of Peru. Tours here include the unique luxury cruise aboard the M/V Aqua, which acts as a base from which you make guided excursions into the jungle.

With a tailor made Peru holiday itinerary, you can incorporate several of the top sights – the cities, rainforest, canyon, lakes and plains – into your own Peru tours. This will ensure you get flavour of this amazing country’s varied landscapes and distinct cultures.

Louise Mumford is a holiday specialist at South American Experience, a company that specialises in tailor-made arrangements for Peru Holidays and other destinations in South and Central America. Our dedicated team has two decades of first-hand experience in the Latin America region.

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