Ten Reasons To Go To Ecuador

You can find lots of reasons to make you take a trip to Ecuador apart from the magnificent hotels in Ecuador, listed below are the ten most popular ones:

1. By visiting Ecuador you’ll have the opportunity to find four regions in one country: though comparatively tiny, Ecuador boasts the world treasure of the Galapagos Islands, the warm and sunny Pacific coast, the majestic Andes mountain range, the Amazonian rain forest.

2. Amazing hotels- here you will find appropriate for each traveler hotel in Ecuador. Here are represented luxury business and beach hotels, together with a variety of hostels and motels.

3. Ethnic diversity: home to 17 distinct indigenous groups and 27 different ethnic groups, many of which preserve their languages, traditions, and dress to a remarkable degree, Ecuador is really a multicultural wonder.

4. In Ecuador a birdwatchers dream come true: you’ll find 1,640 species of birds (a world record per square meter) and 132 species of hummingbirds alone, Ecuador is unquestionably one of the worlds’ best birding destinations.

5. Geography and history: with prosperous historic haciendas, ethnographic museums, art galleries, along with the “Middle of the World” monument, Ecuador possesses a fascinating historical variety.

6. Unique and delicious cuisine: in Ecuador you’ll be able to taste flavors from the highlands “locro” (potato cheese soup) to the refreshing shrimp ceviche (marinated seafood cocktail) of the coast.

7. The Galapagos Islands: they’re recognized in 1978 as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archipelago is home to a attractive volcanic landscape, turquoise waters, and hundreds of endemic species.

8. The Amazon Region: within the lush green vegetation of Ecuadorean Amazon can also be found an abundance of unique flora and fauna, together with an opportunity for unforgettable adventure. Thirty percent of Ecuadors Amazon jungle basin is made up of natural parks and reserves.

9. Cayambe Volcano: with its 4690 meters, Cayambe is the highest point on the planet to cross the equator. It is also the only snowcapped place that crosses the equator. The hike to the highest peak has become a favorite since Edward Whymper first reached it in 1880.

10. Cultural Heritage: both Cuenca and Quito have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and provide various activities for visitors, for example museums, art galleries, antique shops, fine Ecuador hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

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