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Oklahoma – GW Exotic Animal Park – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you plan to travel anywhere near Wynnewood, Oklahoma, then you must take the time to stop and visit the GW Exotic Animal Park. Here you will find more than 16 acres of exotic animals including monkeys and bears, lions and tigers, leopards and reptiles, and many more. Quite a few Midwestern animals like bobcats, wolves, and fox may be found at the Animal Park as well as traditional farm animals. Visiting here is like taking a tour of the world’s animals because there are so many different creatures from different parts of the earth. Animal lovers will fall in love with this park and the many animals on display here.

This is not just an animal viewing park, however...


Some Guidelines For Vacation In Ohio

Have you ever come to Ohio which has the sandy beaches of Lake Erie for the sun worshiper, forested mountains and a rich historic history? Come here, you will feel like you are at a fresh water ocean on the white sandy shores of Lake Erie at East Harbor State Park.If you decide your trip in the islands of Lake Erie, here are some useful information you need.


Hike Kelly Island and enjoy the five miles of hiking trails that will lead you through two nature preserves where the plant and wildlife hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. Camping is available on the island and you can feel like the rest of the world just falls away. You can rent a kayak and view the island from the lake.


Travel through Catawba Island it is a great place to have a picnic take a swim or just r...


Thermal Springs in Peru – 3 Places to Unwind on Vacation

Wherever there is hot, recently formed igneous rock and volcanic activity, there are thermal springs. Sometimes resort areas or spas have developed around these areas offering mud baths, mineral water baths and massages while others have remained in their natural state. Either way, thermal springs offer travelers a respite from their busy days of vacation. Here are three of the best know Peruvian thermal springs for you to consider if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath heated by mother nature.

Spa fit for a King
One of the more well-known thermal springs are the Inca Baths of Cajamarca. The Baths are located about 4 miles east of the city of Cajamarca, which is 8,900 feet above sea level and has a population of 135,000 people...


Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Connecticut – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you live in Connecticut or will be traveling through and have kids then you must make time for a visit to the Stepping Stones Museum for Children. Parents usually want a way to keep their kids entertained when they are traveling or visiting relatives and this museum will help them do just that. The museum is specially designed for children 10 years old and younger. This hands on museum allows kids to learn and have fun in the five different interactive exhibits. There are also educational workshops and performances that help kids keep having fun and learning new things.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children has also been named as one of America’s Top 50 Children’s Museums, which makes it worthwhile to check out and even visit regularly if you are in driving distance...


Useful Vacation Travel Tips

Your perfect vacation should not be marred by a turn of events or accident inconvenience caused due to lack of foresight or preparation. This article outlines some useful tips and ideas to ensure that your vacation goes smoothly.

Travel Insurance

Always travel insurance. This will ensure you are covered by many things, such as lost luggage or delayed, natural disasters, theft, flight delays and medical emergencies. It’s too risky to travel to another country without any travel insurance. Rather spend a little more and save major costs of medical expenses if something happens during the trip. Medical costs abroad can be in the millions, a nightmare for any traveler.

Pack smartly

When packing in mind how long and what kind of trip is...


Take the most memorable vacation to Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Travel Africa
by vance?

If you are looking to go to South Africa for a holiday, then just take inexpensive flights to Port Elizabeth. The city is vibrant and very hospitable to budget travelers and economy class businessmen. It has a large number of tourist oriented locations that make this city one of the tourism hotspots of the Rainbow Nation. The infrastructure of the city is comparable with that of the best, and cheap flights landing there are available round the clock. And, since there is a large number of corporations present in the city, the businessmen also end up making a work oriented trip a leisure one.

When you land in PE, as it is affectionately called, some of the places you would definitely want to see are given below:

• Donkin Reserve
• Townships
• Alexandria Dune Fields
• Tour Ne...


Places to Stay on Peru Vacation

Most people travelling to Peru love to fit in a visit to the mysterious and famous Nazca Lines south of Lima. However, they aren’t sure what to expect from the town itself. Nazca is located in a dry, arid desert region full of mountain views and sweeping desert vistas. Most visitors wonder whether to stay, in town or in the suburb. Despite having a few attractions, also restaurants and cafes, the town of Nazca is quite small and not particularly scenic. There are a few cheap and excellent food markets where visitors probably want to enjoy the local cuisine and there are numerous tour guides offering excursions.


Budget travelers can find hotels for as cheap as $ 5 per day, although they tend to be rundown...


7 Things To Avoid On a Chile Vacation

A Chile vacation is a good idea. The long, thin country stretches through an incredible range of variety from the bone-dry desert region of Atacama in the North to the blue-white glacial walls of Patagonia in the South. You’ll be guaranteed a wonderful, memorable experience if you take a Chile tour, or travel independently. But just like anywhere in the world, Chile’s got a couple of things that you should stay clear of. Here are some Chilean warning flags.

Mentioning where Pisco sour came from
If you’re in a Pisco growing region like the Elqui Valley, be careful what you say to proud nationalistic Chile vineyard owners...


Tips For Best Vacation In Paraguay

Paraguay is a wonderful country located in South America. It is an awesome vacation destination. The climate is gentle as well as the people are nice and welcoming. It is becoming a favorite getaway for both couples and families.

There are numerous places to stay while you visit Paraguay. Numerous Paraguay hotels provide both comfortable accommodations and terrific locations.

One hotel that for sure will meet your requirements is the Apart Hotel Porta Westfalica. The Apart Hotel Porta Westfalica is nestled in Asuncion. It provides its guests many of the same amenities found at your home for instance internet access, televisions and DVD players...


Russia beats Russia ? Winter Vacation


Additional information about visas from Oy Russian Tours Ltd. Take copies of Your passport and visa with You. Passport, visa, their copies, customs declaration forms and all money should be packed in hand luggage. No immunizations are required, but vaccinations against tetanus, polio, diphtheria and Hepatitis A are advised for travelers to Russia.


Typical opening hours for shops are from 10am to at least 7pm. Most shops close for lunch, food shops usually between 1pm and 2pm and others between 2pm and 3pm. Shops are generally open also on Sundays. In St Petersburg from the beginning of April to the middle of November the bridges over Neva are lifted up for the night to allow free passage for ships. Make sure You are on the right side of the bridge before this!


There are 11 t...