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What’s Wrong With The United Arab Emirates?

When I arrived here three years ago, I had never lived outside Australia. I had no real idea of Arab culture or Islam and had a naeve expectation that a country with incomprehensible wealth would have “bought off” all its problems. I now realise that contrary to my expectations, money creates its own problems here as elsewhere.

I had already experienced the problems of welfare dependency among indigenous Australians who receive “sit-down money” literally so they can sit on their black butts and do nothing. Why should I have expected it to be different here?

The truth is, since discovering vast oil wealth a few decades ago, the majority of the 830,000 odd Emiratis have spoiled themselves to the stage that they have now become largely moribund...


United Arab Emirates ? An unorthodox, yet charming destination

The United Arab Emirates, besides being one of the most prominent oil bearing nations in the world, have evolved as one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. Following is a brief glance at the major attractions the UAE has to offer.

Dubai figures last in the list of cities that need an introduction. With loads of glam factor, this most popular destination of the United Arab Emirates is right up there when one talks about places that need to be visited at least once, if not every year! True, its atmosphere is more materialistic than one could imagine, with all the extravagant luxuries available if there is money to spend on them...


Nfl Football Cities To Invent In United Kingdom

As the birthplace of football and there are many football fans wear the authentic NFL jerseys to play football and enjoy the life of football game, the UK has a large number of cities with traditions of great football. For travelers, it can be hard to choose which cities to visit. In general, cities which are home to English Premier League teams will have quality football, but even then there are too many towns to visit in one trip. To help decide which towns are worth visiting, here are some of the best football cities to visit in the UK.
Manchester For many fans, Manchester United is the epitome of UK football. And there are many football fans and players in NFL football jerseys ...


Travelling The Isle of Skye to Bristol: A Journey across The United Kingdom

You are going to travel to the UK, but you are not in the modd for the same old London, York, and Cambridge plan. Instead, you would like to go for a less well known and less travelled to location, but manage to see as much of the UK as you can. The perfect holiday, then, is a visit to The Isle of Skye in Scotland followed by one to Bristol in the southwestern part of England.

The Isle of Skye was recently voted ’4th Best Island’? by National Geographic, and arriving at its beaches is like going back into history. As you go about on the Isle of Skye, you will see breathtaking sharp cliffs straight over white sand shores. You can go to historic castles and travel to small homes that appear to be frozen in time...


Garden Tours Of The World – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts thousands of botanical, estate, and even backyard gardens worth visiting. Limiting the number to visit to just a few is difficult beyond belief. My pick are given below, but there may be others on your wish list, and they too are probably well worthy of a visit. The UK truly is a garden-lovers paradise.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
In St. Austell, Cornwall, are The Lost Gardens of Heligan which belonged to the Tremayne family for 400 years. The gardens became overgrown until a group of gardening enthusiasts chose them for restoration. Heligan has become famous for huge camellias and rhododendrons, scenic lakes and a section full of ancient ferns. Another section forms the last area in Europe where pineapples are grown...


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Lyon Dubai City

Lyon Dubai City is a large project developed by the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The expected completion time is set for 2016-2017. The project requires the merging of Dubai and Lyons, and many partnerships between the two cities. Construction is expected to begin in 2010.

It was during a trip to Lyon, a promoter Buti Saeed al-Gandhi, fell in love with the capital of Gaul. His dreams of initial dream of constructing Dubai Open, was to be an area which recreated the special atmosphere unique to the city of Lyon as well as some of its notable buildings.

Buti Saeed al-Gandhi did not want his project can to be compared to the monuments of Las Vegas, where small bits of famous cities were reconstructed along the famous “Strip”...


Aviation Jobs in United Arab Emirates

UAE is one of the most sought after career destinations in the entire Middle East region. It has seven emirates out of which Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman are the most important ones. With millions of professionals migrating for jobs in UAE, the population of foreigners is much higher than the locals in the emirate. The process of diversification has spawned large number of employment opportunities in the region across various sectors. Aviation jobs in UAE are at their best as the travel & tourism sector grows considerably owing to the increasing air traffic. The growth in tourism sector has helped boost the travel industry thus, bringing a boom in its aviation segment...


Looking out for hotels in the United Kingdom? – Follow these tips to save Time and Money!

Planning a trip to the UK? Whether you are going to the UK for vacation or for business, accommodation is what you have to consider beforehand. If you are looking for hotels in United Kingdom, you have options ranging from the most lavish hotels to cheap and budget hotels – each catering to the needs of different kinds of visitors with different budgets. Read on to find out more about how to find the budget hotels in the United Kingdom.
The United Kingdom has lots to offer to those visiting the country. There are many places in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland for visitors to explore. An expensive part of any foreign tour is hotel accommodation. After air-tickets, hotel accommodation costs represent a largest percentage of the total travel cost...


Getting Cheap Call United Arab Emirates-Benefits

Communication is highly necessary in the life of every person. The contemporary world has more advantages in the area of communication than the preceding generations due to the existence of better means of communication which is made possible through information and communication technology. There are different means through which you can keep in touch with your loved ones no matter the part of the world where the person is living.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries of the world that benefit a lot from the improved information and communication technology of our time. The economy of the country is witnessing a tremendous growth in the recent time. This is why a lot of people visit the country today for business purposes...