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Spending holiday in Samoa

Samoa might be a perfect location for your next holiday! Whether it is family holiday, single traveller, business traveller, business meetings, annual vacation, wedding, honeymoon, you can find it all in Samoa

Samoa is located in South Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, and east of International Date Line. Some refer Samoa as ” treasure island” where you can come and search for your treasure. There are so many things that can be done in Samoa; relax on the beach, water sport, enjoy romantic feeling, adventure etc. Tropical rainforest, beautiful waterfalls,sunshine all year round, sandy white can find it all in Samoa

And as for accommodation, do not worry, there are ranges of accommodation varies from luxury to cheap hotel...


Dumpster Rental – An Inevitable Tool To Maintain The Environmental Sustainability In American Samoa

American Samoa unincorporated state of US with five volcanic islands. We can say it as a land of natural disasters and number of environmental issues has to be addressed in order to maintain environmental sustainability in the state.

American Samoa is known as land of disasters and it is affected by many disasters like volcanoes, cyclones, floods and so on. Many of the environmental issues have to be addressed in order to maintain the sustainability in the state...


Filipinos in American Samoa ? Finding an Exciting Change?

If you are finding for changes in your life then choose the Filipinos in American Samoa . These people have been around the world, and it is such a blessing for them to be in your country. What they carry is the attitudes that will help promote social being of your community. They are culturally mixed and this is such an advantage. They are adaptable, and most of all they bring only themselves as a strong willed people. It is not a question ever why Filipinos are everywhere. Because of their ingenuity, they are globally demanded. What more if one are your date and even your wife? What more can you ask for?

It is with great pride that Filipinos are part of your household. As a person they are very accommodating...


Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

The islands of Samoa are emerging as an exciting new South Pacific travel destination between Hawaii and New Zealand. This “Heart of Polynesia” is politically split into two distinct entities 80 miles apart. The country Samoa is a former German colony, captured by New Zealand in 1914 and granted independence in 1962. In 1997 the name was changed from Western Samoa to Samoa.


American Samoa is the only U.S. territory south of the equator. Annexed by the United States for use as a naval base in 1900, the territory no longer has any military significance. Instead, Pago Pago currently hosts the StarKist and “Chicken of the Sea” tuna canneries, making it the most important commercial fishing port under the American flag.


The Samoan environment is tropically lush,...