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Secrets Revealed about Croatia

If you want to witness the unspoiled nature in Mediterranean, travel to Croatia! It has many delights to offer to visitors. The natural heritage is revealed and three different film festivals in Croatia are organized as a cultural events. The authentic experience of the Mediterranean will be unforgetable memory.


While you travel Croatia you will discover craggy coastline is redolent with the intoxicating fragrances of Mediterranean herbs, trees and shrubs, such as rosemary, laurel, immortelle, Spanish broom and the strawberry tree that blend with the scents of garden sage, mint, wild thyme and other aromatic herbs on the nearby slopes. The olive, that eternal symbol of time and space, can be found almost every where.


While you travel Croatia by sea the secret of Adriatic ...


The beauty of South America, revealed

What is it that makes so many people fall in love with South America? Well, to put it simply, there are many intriguing aspects of the continent that draw people in from all over the world and it is impossible to narrow it down to one thing. But to try, it is one of the hottest travel spots because of its rich culture, welcoming environment, striking beaches, and friendly locals. There is no doubt about the fact that the lower American continent has been blessed with a touch of paradise. With gorgeous tropical beaches and rich Latin history, it comes as no surprise that 2011 is expected to bring a lot of travellers from all over the world to the beautiful countries south of the border.

So you’ve done it, you have officially booked your days off work and it’s now tim...