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Thermal Springs in Peru – 3 Places to Unwind on Vacation

Wherever there is hot, recently formed igneous rock and volcanic activity, there are thermal springs. Sometimes resort areas or spas have developed around these areas offering mud baths, mineral water baths and massages while others have remained in their natural state. Either way, thermal springs offer travelers a respite from their busy days of vacation. Here are three of the best know Peruvian thermal springs for you to consider if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath heated by mother nature.

Spa fit for a King
One of the more well-known thermal springs are the Inca Baths of Cajamarca. The Baths are located about 4 miles east of the city of Cajamarca, which is 8,900 feet above sea level and has a population of 135,000 people...


Some Places To See In Dhaka, Bangladesh

The South Asia tourism is always known to be of its own kind with a unique taste and creative aspect. Dhaka, Bangladesh falls under the similar category of having tourism of its own kind. The mega city of Bangladesh, which at the same time serves being its capital too flights to Dhaka are highly ruminated over amongst the tourists who intend to t ravel to Bangladesh for tourism purpose. Dhaka is the main country hub, where not only the business activities take place but is also major home to the educational sector as well. Located on the banks of the Buriganga River, flights to Dhaka give you a splendid opportunity to enjoy some interesting places which symbolize its culture, tradition, and depict some mesmerizing traits of being a modern city...


Discovering 7 Famous Places Worth Seeing in Budapest Hungary

Many people, especially those who love traveling, do not know much about Budapet – a very beautiful capitals in Hungary, Europe. The fact is that you will never be able to find any country in the world like Hungary. And Budapest is the among this country’s treasures that you should not miss seeing.


1. The Royal Castle – One of the most popular Budapest attractions is the Royal Palace. Built in the thirteen hundreds, this massive structure has a history that goes back quite a ways, and the castle includes a number of different building styles and architectural influences. Hungary travel information for the castle is widely available because of the high popularity it enjoys for visitors.


2. Matthias Church – Mathias Church, formally known as the Church of Our La...


Places to Stay on Peru Vacation

Most people travelling to Peru love to fit in a visit to the mysterious and famous Nazca Lines south of Lima. However, they aren’t sure what to expect from the town itself. Nazca is located in a dry, arid desert region full of mountain views and sweeping desert vistas. Most visitors wonder whether to stay, in town or in the suburb. Despite having a few attractions, also restaurants and cafes, the town of Nazca is quite small and not particularly scenic. There are a few cheap and excellent food markets where visitors probably want to enjoy the local cuisine and there are numerous tour guides offering excursions.


Budget travelers can find hotels for as cheap as $ 5 per day, although they tend to be rundown...


Central Slovakia – 5 Must See Places in the Heart of Slovakia

Slovakia is so much more than Bratislava and the High Tatras, which is the usual Slovak destination for tourists coming from abroad.  There is actually so much to do and see throughout the country, and no more so than in Central Slovakia.

In particular, there are 5 places that you should definitely make a point of visiting, if you are traveling in the area:

1). Banska Bystrica

Banska Bystrica has one of the most beautiful town squares in all of Slovakia and is a city simply brimming with culture.  There are many churches, museums and art galleries to be found and a highlight of any visit is the excellent SNP Museum, which is dedicated to presenting the events of World War II from Slovakia’s perspective. 

After a busy day’s sightseeing, be sure to sit out on one of the mai...


Travel to attractive places in Romania with Best Romania

Every country has its secrets. For a real traveler, the most challenging part of a voyage is finding all those places that you cannot find in any travel guide. So, if you think you’re a traveler not just a tourist, this article is for you. Think about a country in EU that you know almost nothing about. Ok, it is probably Romania. Now that you’ve found the most unknown place in Europe, let’s explore its secrets.

If you travel to Romania, most probably you’ll buy a guide that will lead you to the most important travel destinations, like: the Danube Delta, The Painted Monasteries, Brasov, the capital Bucharest, the Black Sea, Peles Castle or Sinaia, you’ll be looking for Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania and you’ll discover that Bran Castle is not really Dracula’s Castle but i...


Backpacking in Central America: Places Never to Miss

For the serious adventurers out there, nothing beats backpacking with friends or for hardcore ones, backpacking all by yourself. The thrill of discovering things, places and people cannot surpass any other tour package out there. And for those who love to rough it out, instead of going for the convenient and easy traveling by air, one can take the road from North America to Central America through Mexico and then to Belize.

This is the best way to see a whole lot more in a sincere and truthful angle instead of having tourism hide the ugly parts. In any case, this is the best way to get to know the people more. After Mexico, the country of Belize is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the entire Central American region.

Belize is a country that ...


Places to Visit in Bulgaria

by NatBat

Located between Greece and Romania, Bulgaria is an often overlooked travel destination. This is a pity, though, since there is a wealth of beautiful and interesting Bulgaria attractions.

Valley of the Thracian Kings – The valley of Kazanluk, also known as the Rose Valley, is the site of impressive tombs and burial mounds, the most famous of which is the Kazanluk Tomb. Along with the lavishly decorated Sveshtari Tomb near the town of Isperih, the Kazanluk Tomb has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the most popular Bulgaria attractions.

Rila Monastery – Like the Kazanluk Tomb, the Rila Monastery is also a World Heritage Site...


Top Ten Places To Check Out In Uruguay

Enjoy pristine beaches, larger-than life steaks, ranches, and other things that offer more than just a South American environment. Travel to historic sites and places of cultural importance and learn the Uruguayan’s way of life. Have a luxurious escape into this South American paradise by going in these heavenly places on Earth.

1.) Punta del Diablo

Find a quiet escape from the busy city in this tranquil part of Uruguay. Walk in miles of empty beach coastlines, surf and fish till you drop, and enjoy wooden cabins and trouble-free rural lifestyle. Learn from people whose lives are as nature-oriented and as down-to-earth as the peaceful surrounding.

2.) Punta del Este

Punta del Este is known world-wide as a plush resort with miles of beaches, a string of luxurio...