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The Highlights and Low Sites of Peru Holidays

From the Mountains to the Plain

One of the most relaxed tours of Peru that you can take is a trip on the Andean Explorer Train, which follows a mountainous route from the city of Cuzco to gentler Andean plains at Lake Titicaca, a journey of 240 miles. The train is run by the Orient Express company, and has an open-air observation car for taking the best photographs of the view.
It is a picturesque way to reach to Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border with Bolivia.

Peru Holidays on the Lake

At Titicaca you can explore the city of Puno, with its archaeological sites. From Puno you can take excursions to see the various island cultures on the lake, such as the Uros, where communities live on artificial floating islands over the water...


Thermal Springs in Peru – 3 Places to Unwind on Vacation

Wherever there is hot, recently formed igneous rock and volcanic activity, there are thermal springs. Sometimes resort areas or spas have developed around these areas offering mud baths, mineral water baths and massages while others have remained in their natural state. Either way, thermal springs offer travelers a respite from their busy days of vacation. Here are three of the best know Peruvian thermal springs for you to consider if you want to enjoy a relaxing bath heated by mother nature.

Spa fit for a King
One of the more well-known thermal springs are the Inca Baths of Cajamarca. The Baths are located about 4 miles east of the city of Cajamarca, which is 8,900 feet above sea level and has a population of 135,000 people...


Spotlight on the Floating Islands of Uros in Peru

The floating islands of Uros, high up on Lake Titicaca, a short boat ride from Puno are the most unusual and interesting detours during many people’s Peru vacations.


The islands, constructed entirely from reeds, are home to a community of several hundred indigenous Peruvians who have lived in this high altitude world for many centuries.


Conquests by other Aymara tribes, competing for the highly fertile lakeside land, caused the local people to take to the lake in reed-constructed boats in a bid to escape their more aggressive rivals.


As natural fishers and boatmen, the people of Uros found lake life to be entirely satisfactory, and they gradually expanded their boats until they became islands in their own right...


Places to Stay on Peru Vacation

Most people travelling to Peru love to fit in a visit to the mysterious and famous Nazca Lines south of Lima. However, they aren’t sure what to expect from the town itself. Nazca is located in a dry, arid desert region full of mountain views and sweeping desert vistas. Most visitors wonder whether to stay, in town or in the suburb. Despite having a few attractions, also restaurants and cafes, the town of Nazca is quite small and not particularly scenic. There are a few cheap and excellent food markets where visitors probably want to enjoy the local cuisine and there are numerous tour guides offering excursions.


Budget travelers can find hotels for as cheap as $ 5 per day, although they tend to be rundown...


Peru Tour Package – Top Spots

A vacation, especially if you get to choose the location, lets you relax and escape the emotions and feelings that have been consuming you. But prior to traveling, you need to decide what activities you would like to do and possible locations, so you can plan a successful trip.

Looking for an unforgettable trip? Peru is an off-the-beaten path location that is a great place to explore. A Peru tour package may be just the ticket when you need to have a break. Purchasing a complete package will ease the stress of planning, and also help to ensure that you get to visit the most desirable locations in the country you will be visiting. Read on for a few suggestions on must-see destinations in Peru.

Many travelers have experienced Perus beauty and highly recommend the adventure...


Peru: the Amazing Land

Peru, a country in western South America, offers breathtaking natural beauty with panoramic mountain ranges and beautiful beaches. Travelers may get lost in “The Lost City of the Incas”, enjoy taking up on numerous long trekking routes, stroll in the evening and get the complete peace of mind, or find the rural lifestyle. Additionally, visitors can be amazed by giant lines and figures, ancient Inca spiral terraces, El Misti volcano with a symmetrical cone, or scarlet macaws with vivid plumage.


Machu Picchu is located on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru. Experts believe that Machu Picchu was built as an estate for the Ica emperor Pachacuti, referred as “The Lost City of the Incas”.


Machu Picchu’s location indicates a reverence for nature.




Peru Tours And Brazil Holidays Bring South America Back On The Travel Agenda

Did you know that South America is one of the world’s most desirable destinations? Peru tours, Brazil holidays and Argentine adventures – they all offer more opportunities for genuine luxury travel than probably anywhere else in the world. South America as a whole has that unique combination of top end infrastructure (luxury hotels; vineyards; spectacular sites of special scientific interest) and charming local colour: enough sights, smells and sounds to count as a real travelling experience and enough really beautiful and attentive places to stay in to count as a top flight holiday.

If you’re interested in mixing travel and holiday in South America, we’ve a few ideas that might just be up your street. Peru tours, for example...


Peru Travel Guide – 24 Hours in Puno

The Peruvian city of Puno is perched on the edge of one of the highlights of any Peru vacation – the spectacular and mythical Lake Titicaca.

The city of 200,000 people is often dismissed as nothing more than a convenient staging post before heading out onto the lake itself, but this reputation is unfair: Puno offers many attractions which will all add to your Peru travel memories.

A note of caution to any visitors, especially those arriving from low altitudes: Puno is one of Peru’s highest cities and mild altitude sickness is common. Take it easy when you first arrive and don’t attempt anything too strenuous.

Begin your visit to Puno with a short walk along the city’s pedestrianized central boulevard, Calle Lima...


Peru Travel Guide – Hiking in Colca Canyon

Peru is one of the world’s leading trekking destinations, and virtually every Peru vacation involves at least a small trek through some of the country’s jaw-dropping natural landscapes and scenery.

Most Peru trekking experiences are focused around Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail but the country has a lot more to offer, and one of the finest and most rewarding alternatives is a hike in the Colca Canyon region near Arequipa.

Colca Canyon is famous for being one of the world’s deepest canyons, more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. The region is also incredibly high and at around 4300 meters above sea level, visitors will need several days acclimatization in nearby Arequipa before attempting anything more energetic than a short walk.

Visiting the canyon region is eas...


Peru Travel Guide – 48 Hours in Arequipa

Arequipa, Peru’s second city, is one of the many must-see destinations to squeeze in to any Peru vacation. The famously beautiful city, known as the White City thanks to its dazzling white silica stone architecture, is fiercely proud of its unique cultural heritage and excellent cuisine, both of which date back to the days of the Inca.

The city and its surrounding landscapes are literally breathtaking – due to the high altitude and thin mountain air. Visitors arriving from Lima are advised to take things slowly and get used to the altitude before attempting anything too energetic.

Any visit to Arequipa begins in the Plaza de Armas and the surrounding area...