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Some Guidelines For Vacation In Ohio

Have you ever come to Ohio which has the sandy beaches of Lake Erie for the sun worshiper, forested mountains and a rich historic history? Come here, you will feel like you are at a fresh water ocean on the white sandy shores of Lake Erie at East Harbor State Park.If you decide your trip in the islands of Lake Erie, here are some useful information you need.


Hike Kelly Island and enjoy the five miles of hiking trails that will lead you through two nature preserves where the plant and wildlife hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. Camping is available on the island and you can feel like the rest of the world just falls away. You can rent a kayak and view the island from the lake.


Travel through Catawba Island it is a great place to have a picnic take a swim or just r...


Corporate Travel – Jobs Ohio Bill

An obvious loophole in legal guidelines generating Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s brand-new semi-private job-creation panel could allow panel associates to take job-seeking trips purchased by corporations without having to report them to the general public.


The bill establishing JobsOhio requires that only “actual expenditures” on corporate travel, food or accommodations be documented. That phrasing appears to be to rule out airplane rides, meals and rooms in hotels that companies may offer to Kasich’s economic development team as they aim to bring jobs to Ohio.


The bill would certainly nevertheless call for Governor Kasich to record such corporate travel and enjoyment gifts, nonetheless it exempts all of those other JobsOhio from such public disclosure.