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My Six Months in Bogota, Colombia

I moved to Colombia back in 2007 to assist a competitor in opening a call center in Bogota. I am in the telephone answering service business. I had been living between my home in Miami and my second home in San Jose, Costa Rica.  My first reaction to the invitation was the same as most people would have.  First you think of drugs, then you think of explosions. I did briefly remember the movie “Romancing the Stone”, which made the place seem like an adventure.  Having traveled most of Latin America and speaking Spanish fluently, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing you’ll notice when you land is that the plane seems to be going awfully fast. This is because Bogota sits at around 9,000 feet and the air density is very low, so planes need to move faster to keep up their airspeed...


The Most Popular Cities In Colombia

Colombia could be a attractive destination for your vacation. There you’ll find attractive Colombia hotels, along with a number of fascinating tourist sights.

Here is a list with the most well-known cities in Colombia, which you dont have to miss visiting while you’re on your vacation.

Bogot – The Republic’s Capital, a city where all the country converges. Bogot hosts various internationally acclaimed activities such as the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival (largest one on Earth) and “Rock to the Park”, a concert featuring rock stars from around the globe. The city also offers an awesome variety of hotels in Colombia, restaurants and museums, for example Andrs Carne de Res along with the National Museum of Colombia.

Barranquilla – Colombia’s Golden Port and capital of the ...


Parks In Bogota Colombia

Travel Colombia
by xurde

The city of Bogota in Columbia has so much to offer. You will never run out of wonderful things to see and do. You’ll be experiencing the very best in life and a plethora of leisure activities for you and yours.

Bogota, Columbia is home to an enormous urban park called the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, one of the biggest in the world. Within the park is a recreational section that also includes the Botanical Gardens of Bogota and the brand new Virgilio Barco Library. It is also the headquarters of Coldeportes, which is the national sports authority. There are many other historic squares to explore all over the city.

You will also want to visit the El Tunal Park, which is where the annual Rock al Parque event is held. The Rock al Parque started in 1995...


Tour Colombia Tomorrow For The Adventure Of Your Lifetime

Tour Colombia for the adventure of a lifetime; travel ancient highways and byways long overgrown and forgotten, leading nowhere in particular but to a place where the remnants of an important trading destination remain to this day.

Organising Colombia tours for parties of several adventurous like minded people, or for an individual personal itinerated back packing holiday,, with an office in Sydney, Australia and a local office in Bogota Colombia, is the one stop shop for tours in Colombia, small group tours of destinations in Colombia that are on the beaten track and off the beaten track, or individual itineraries for backpacking adventures.

Colombia is set to be the hottest destination in South America for several years to come and getting there n...


Beaches In Colombia

Colombia offers definitely excellent conditions for tourism. The appealing hotels in Colombia deliver really fantastic accommodation plus the attractions worth visiting are so much

Apart from the various amenities in Colombia hotels you’ll find also wonderful options for practicing water sports or just lie on the beach.

Beaches in Colombia are the ideal retreats for spending quality time with family members and friends. These beaches are apart from the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities and towns. Colombia is known for its beautiful and extended coastlines and also the golden beaches spread above it. A lot of of the beaches in Colombia are counted amongst the preferred tourist destinations in the Latin American nation.

The maintenance of the beaches round Colombia ...


Colombia Tours Open Up An Ancient Forgotten World

Colombia tours company and specialist travel company is dedicated to creating magnificent holiday experiences whilst sustaining, supporting and encouraging the development and promotion of responsible tourism within this diverse and ancient land.

The founding father of Colombia Tours and travel company Santiago Duarte believes in building a tourism industry that respects local regulations, values and customs and this philosophy runs deeply through the fundamental essence of the company and well informed and knowledgeable staff.

With an office in Sydney, Australia and a local office in Bogota, Colombia, the goal and ambition of the company is to organise memorable Colombia vacations while at the same time helping to preserve sen...


Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia. It really is an exciting city full of tourist attractions, together with amazing Colombia hotels, prepared to accommodate these numerous visitors.

At the center of the city there are some business and luxury hotels in Colombia. But there also are numerous motels and hostels. Bogota is rich in thing to do for the tourists.

Here is a list of the TOP 5 most favored attractions among the visitors.

1.Museo Del Oro- Situated in an imposing fortress like block in downtown Bogota, the Museo del Oro is among the worlds amazing museums. Here in the Gold Museum you’ll be able to view intricate Muisca ceremonial artefacts and will gain an invaluable insight into the culture in this territory prior to the arrival of the Spanish.



Travel Tips On How To Get To Colombia

Colombia has lush landscapes where you are able to see plentiful mountains, beaches, rivers, natural parks and islands. It is definitely a preferred place for national and foreigner visitors.

The climate is varied some zones have tropical climate, temperature drops according altitude. Dry season is the excellent to travel to Colombia, but there is no troubles travelling in raining season.

Apart from arranging a hotel in Colombia, you are going to need some travel tips about how to get there.


Travelling by air is more quickly and comfortable. Colombia has several international airports in which you are going to arrive. The biggest national airline is Avianca, the internationals ones are: British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia, Varig and much more.

Airports in ...


Colombia Vacations & Travel Packages

A great country to travel, Colombia is known for its background, traditions, people, nature, tours and activities. You will observe that there are nearly all the comforts and amusement activities for the quests: from high adrenaline rafting trips and challenging hikes in the Andes, to soothing and tranquil hot springs and relaxing Coffee Haciendas.
Numerous spots in Colombia have been confirmed World Heritage Site for their natural or literary interest: San Agustin Archaeological Park, the old port and fortresses in Cartagena, Los Katos National Park and the National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro, are some among others.
Colombia is the producer of the most excellent coffee in the world, and there is a great deal to be trained about this accepted beverage here; part...


Tours in Colombia – A Trip to Paradise

You are planning to go to Colombia with your family but you do not have any information about the country? Read on to get some basic information about this country and information about holidaying in Colombia.

Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America. It is located in the north western region of South America and is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; to the north by Panama and the Caribbean Sea; and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. Tours in Colombia are always full of fun and enjoyment. There are adventurous tours also available like trekking, climbing and diving. There are various tours available like ‘Intense Colombia’ of 14 days and ‘Colombia Special’ for 8 days.

Agencias de viajes en Colombia is many...