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25 Facts About Bulgaria

by NatBat

1. Bulgaria has 540 rivers
2. Burgas on the Black Sea is twinned with San Francisco and Rotterdam
3. The largest furnace in the world for domestic glassware was launched in the north eastern town of Tragovishte in 2005
4. Plovdiv has over 200 archaeological sites
5. Traditionally on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, Bulgarian cooks insert coins and other lucky charms into food such as pastry
6. Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007
7. Varna is headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy
8. Hristo Stoichkov was Bulgaria’s most famous sportsman recieving the European Footballer of the Year award in 1994
9. Carl Djerassi from the U.S.A but with Bulgarian ancestry developed the oral contraceptive pill
10. Bulgaria used to be known as Silicon Valley of the Eastern Bloc


Hit The Slopes At Bulgaria For A Refreshing Holiday!

There are so many good choices for skiing these days and a Bulgaria ski holiday tops the list! Travelers are assured of modern lifts, well-groomed snow and good restaurants aprs-ski. Savvy winter vacationers look for more than slopes and snowthey look for interesting people, new cultures, and new experiences for the times that they are not schussing down the slopes. Bulgaria, a new entrant to the European Union, offers a Bulgaria vacation with all the modern amenities combined with fascinating cultural experiences that enrich a skiers time in the country. Bulgaria holidays used to be about the beaches, but now its all about the snow!
More than just beaches!
A Bulgaria vacation used to be bargain-basement affair for Europeans looking for a beach on a budget...


NASA astronaut at a travel conference in Bulgaria

eCommerceAcademy.net launches ‘Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit’ March 15-17, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel, Sofia Bulgaria!

Following the success of the November conference, this Summit will focus on the future trends in travel and how the Internet challenges the travel and tourism industry. This time, though, we will hold several other interesting discussions including a ‘Travel Innovation Awards’ contest, and ‘The Future of Space Travel’.

‘The Future of Space Travel’ on March 17th will be promoted as a separate Summit as well as part of ‘Trends Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit’ and tickets can be purchased separately for the one day event.

Overall, the conference will be highly interactive allowing you to sense...


Places to Visit in Bulgaria

by NatBat

Located between Greece and Romania, Bulgaria is an often overlooked travel destination. This is a pity, though, since there is a wealth of beautiful and interesting Bulgaria attractions.

Valley of the Thracian Kings – The valley of Kazanluk, also known as the Rose Valley, is the site of impressive tombs and burial mounds, the most famous of which is the Kazanluk Tomb. Along with the lavishly decorated Sveshtari Tomb near the town of Isperih, the Kazanluk Tomb has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the most popular Bulgaria attractions.

Rila Monastery – Like the Kazanluk Tomb, the Rila Monastery is also a World Heritage Site...