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Brazil Faces Possible Air Travel Strike Two Days Before Christmas

Travel Brazil
by ferax

Daily flights to Sao Paulo and Rio de Jenero connect the country with nearly all four corners of the world. When many travelers are busy packing up their bags to visit Brazil, the countrys two key airlines Tam Sa and Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA, face a threatened strike today. This expected strike on December 23rd by employees of the airlines, in the midst of the countrys pre- Christmas travel rush can be the Grinch Christmas-stealer for those planning to spend the eve at home or holiday in Brazil.

The strike date that is said to be two days before the Dec. 25 Christmas holiday, poses a serious threat to Brazils busiest air-travel season. It is the time of the year when airlines make the cream of their annual revenues and travelers do not want to miss a day.

The reason beh...


Essential Advice You Need Before You Travel To Brazil

So you want to go to Brazil? Have you heard of the pretty girls the sun beaches and nighlife?. Well its all true Brazil is the place for a party but I am going to throw some caution on your enthusiasm for the place. Why am I doing this you may say, well its all in the name of promoting Brazil.

Brazil is a great place to buy property, find a relaxing lifestyle and to live. The advice I am going to give you is real and you will not find it in a glossy travel guide to Brazil.

It is the real deal, so listen up: you need to know this. Have fun, party, enjoy yourself, but use your head. If you are going to spend the night with that lovely young lady, well go right ahead! First make sure that she is really a young lady and not something else- unless that is what you want...


Consider Your Options Before You Send Money To Armenia

Armenian currency is called the Dram, and has been since the country gained independence from what was the USSR at the time. That was about 15 years ago, and this currency has only grown more stable over time. Right now, $ 1 USD equals about 386 Drams. Of course, this number changes daily so be sure to look it up before you send money to Armenia in order to send the correct amount.

One of the first places you might turn to when you want to transfer money is the bank. You could consider using your own bank, but you should also shop around to compare the rates for wire transfers at different banks. Bank of America charges $ 45 for customers to initiate an international wire transfer in American dollars, and $ 35 to do it in Armenian Drams...


International Travel Tips – Before Traveling

Look into the site’s history, culture, natural environment, customs, legends, advisory notices and more. UNESCO’s World Heritage Center or Wiki Travel is a great starting point.


Buy your vacation package from a business you have confidence in. Ask family and friends to recommend a company with a good track record. Think twice if you can’t get a person on the phone to answer your questions or if the ad doesn’t give the company’s street address. Contact the state Attorney General, consumer protection agency and Better Business Bureau where you live and where the company is based to see if there is a history of complaints on file.


Learn a few words in the local language...


Cheap calls to Tuvalu: Exciting like never before

To ensure the proper flow of communication in each corner of the world is the inevitable need in today’s era of globalization. It’s also worth while to mention here that today’s people are becoming more and more conscious to enjoy the best quality by spending a little. VoIP telephony has been successful in letting one make cheap calls to Tuvalu with excellent quality.

Tuvalu is a small island nation situated between Hawaii and Australia. Currently, it houses 11,636 population, from which 25% population is using the internet, according to World Bank report issued in 2010. Tuvalu’s economy pivots around the Fishing and tourism sectors. Tuvalu diaspora is settled majorly in New Zealand and Australia.

If you are looking for making cheap calls to Tuvalu right now, you don’t n...


Read This International Travel Tips Before You Travel

Whether you are going on business, on vacation or just visiting with friends and family there are some important international travel tips you will always find handy.


Start with the expected date of departure and the expected arrival dates at your destination. Note where you may cross time zones and how this will affect you.

Inform the people to meet you on arrival accordingly. Carefully note your flight details such as connections, change of terminals, transit arrangements, baggage allowances.

For US citizens it is important to register your travel plans with the State Department in case of emergency.

One of the important international travel tips is that you be conversant with the laws, visa and other travel requirements of any foreign country that yo...