Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Connecticut – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you live in Connecticut or will be traveling through and have kids then you must make time for a visit to the Stepping Stones Museum for Children. Parents usually want a way to keep their kids entertained when they are traveling or visiting relatives and this museum will help them do just that. The museum is specially designed for children 10 years old and younger. This hands on museum allows kids to learn and have fun in the five different interactive exhibits. There are also educational workshops and performances that help kids keep having fun and learning new things.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children has also been named as one of America’s Top 50 Children’s Museums, which makes it worthwhile to check out and even visit regularly if you are in driving distance. There are four main galleries that are for children up to age 10 and then one area that is specifically for toddlers. The museum offers kids up to 100 different activities to enjoy, which is a lot to do in one day and leaves plenty to explore during future visits.

This museum focuses on learning by doing, which kids do best, and every activity and exhibit at the museum is designed specifically with kids in mind and they way they learn. There is one whirlpool exhibit that teaches kids about the water cycle and another that allows them to build a house to learn more about construction and design. One exhibit that is popular with kids is the one where they learn more about tropical rainforests and how to conserve them.

Another great aspect of Stepping Stones Museum for Children is that it located in Mathews Park, so families can get outside, play in the grass, and even have a picnic! The building itself has also won awards and it is an exhibit in itself. The tower draws kids in immediately since the windows  make up eyes, ears, and a mouth while a sundial makes the nose and a birdcage makes a hat.

There is a café where you can eat lunch or enjoy the park with a picnic of your own. Feel free to let the kids play on the playground called Devon’s Place to get some of their energy out before heading home for the day. Admission is $ 9 and kids under 1 are free. Visit soon because it will be an experience of a lifetime!

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