Some Places To See In Dhaka, Bangladesh

The South Asia tourism is always known to be of its own kind with a unique taste and creative aspect. Dhaka, Bangladesh falls under the similar category of having tourism of its own kind. The mega city of Bangladesh, which at the same time serves being its capital too flights to Dhaka are highly ruminated over amongst the tourists who intend to t ravel to Bangladesh for tourism purpose. Dhaka is the main country hub, where not only the business activities take place but is also major home to the educational sector as well. Located on the banks of the Buriganga River, flights to Dhaka give you a splendid opportunity to enjoy some interesting places which symbolize its culture, tradition, and depict some mesmerizing traits of being a modern city. Dhaka is also known as the city of mosques. As aforementioned, it comprises of rich culture and some natural beauty, which the foreign travelers are eager to see;
-The laalbagh fort: Located at the edge of old flights to Dhaka The laalbagh fort is a must see place when your cheap flights to Dhaka land you to the city it is a castle which was built during the reign of Prince Azam, one of the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzebs son in 1676. It is a robust building with captivating aura as it has got armored walls with octagonal bastion. Inside the fort, a mosque is built and is officially open for public visit.
-Tara (star) Mosque: The mosque was built by Shaista Khan in the earlier 17th century and the reason why it is called a tara or a star, is because of possession of the sparkling mosaic of broken China. Another place, which your flights to Dhaka will enable you to see.
-The Armenian Church: It is located in the Armanitold. The church was very beautifully constructed in the 1791 and possesses an attractive captivating historical look which truly evince out the hard work of the artisans of that era.

-These were a very few to name, and flights to Dhaka let you experience a lot more than this as the city is a home of culture and tourism which the travelers love to enjoy.

Flights to Dhaka has open a new world to me I have seen such an amazing wonderful cheap flights to Dhaka golden collections of the relish able place that enrich my nature to be never lost.

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