Some Guidelines For Vacation In Ohio

Have you ever come to Ohio which has the sandy beaches of Lake Erie for the sun worshiper, forested mountains and a rich historic history? Come here, you will feel like you are at a fresh water ocean on the white sandy shores of Lake Erie at East Harbor State Park.If you decide your trip in the islands of Lake Erie, here are some useful information you need.


Hike Kelly Island and enjoy the five miles of hiking trails that will lead you through two nature preserves where the plant and wildlife hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. Camping is available on the island and you can feel like the rest of the world just falls away. You can rent a kayak and view the island from the lake.


Travel through Catawba Island it is a great place to have a picnic take a swim or just relax for awhile. Middle Bass Island is where you can enjoy a taste of the grape in the area. Hiking along the island you can see the artful limestone formations or head underground into the caverns below the surface. Hike through the red cedars listening to hundreds of song birds filling the air with their song.


Wyandot Indians once hunted and lived on the island. They left their artwork on the rocks 500 years ago. The island is inhabited today and has been every since the Europeans chased the Wyandot Indians from the island.


Ohio River Scenic Byway will take you on an adventure through history. You will see the original homes of two presidents, enjoy the trees and visit the history of ceramics museum. Along the way you will pass a French Artist Colony and wander the traditional French Architecture and find a painted treasure. Travel to the old fort of Stubenville and see what it was like to live on the frontier. When you travel through Ohio full of history, diversity and lazy days on the beach you will most certainly find the adventure travel you seek.


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