Secrets Revealed about Croatia

If you want to witness the unspoiled nature in Mediterranean, travel to Croatia! It has many delights to offer to visitors. The natural heritage is revealed and three different film festivals in Croatia are organized as a cultural events. The authentic experience of the Mediterranean will be unforgetable memory.


While you travel Croatia you will discover craggy coastline is redolent with the intoxicating fragrances of Mediterranean herbs, trees and shrubs, such as rosemary, laurel, immortelle, Spanish broom and the strawberry tree that blend with the scents of garden sage, mint, wild thyme and other aromatic herbs on the nearby slopes. The olive, that eternal symbol of time and space, can be found almost every where.


While you travel Croatia by sea the secret of Adriatic sea will be relieved it is really transparently blue, with its atavistic aromas of salt and algae, with rippling wavelets caressing a shore lined with pristine beaches and precipitous cliffs, reflects the sunlight like a dazzling diamond. A thousand islands, islets and reefs, secluded coves and bays, and green pine forests seem as if they are moving down to greet that miraculous marine world.


Is it a dream or is it a reality? While you travel Croatia you will ask yourself – Is it a fairy tale told with conviction, or are we in fact being given the real opportunity to actually live quite a special dream? Yes, it is possible for that to happened while traveling Croatia?


Whichever way you choose to take, there are places with cultural and historical treasure troves of great interest, and having looked into them you will feel that here you are living a holiday to remember. There are numerous cultural events in Croatia – drama, music or dance, productions staged in the open, performances by the world-renown artists a, or film festivals. There are three film festivals to recommend.


Travel Croatia and go to Film Festival in Pula

Thanks to its screenings in the historical locations of Kastel and Arena, the Feature Film Festival in Pula is on of the most attractive outdoor film festivals in the world. In fact, few are the festivals which can boast a stage of such historical depth and atmosphere. Continuing its rich, long standing tradition, Festival offers its visitors, film enthusiasts, various programmes of international and domestic film novelties divided into several programme sections. The screenings at Kastela should be highlighted, where as an overture to the festival, films from the international programme will be shown, as well as screenings from the national programme. This will also include film screenings of current Croatian productions in the Arena. Of course, this year Pula will once again be host to numerous attractive film hits.

Travel Croatia and go Motovun Film Festival
Over the last few years a particular norm has become a rule – come the beginning of August, every self-respecting film enthusiast must come to Motovun, when this small Istiran town becomes the Croatian film Mecca. Enchanting and simply beautiful, perched atop a steep mount, it is an idyllic setting for the Festival, which has ignored the increasingly present commercial character of the film industry. Instead, it appreciates independent film production, in other words, film that set new standards of innovative and artistic expression. In Motovun you can watch professionally selected films within the current world production of various genres. The five-day marathon of daylong film projections will surely satisfy even the most demanding film appetites, and the Motovun Film Festival certainly offers top entertainment even when your eyes are not focused on the screen.


Travel Croatia and experience Libertas Film Festival in Dubrovnik

The offer of Dubrovnik´s cultural programme is extremely wide. Consequently, film has also found its place within the programme in the form of the Libertas Film Festival. The Festival brings Dubrovnik´s public and its guests some of the most interesting independently produced films. The Festival programme, which includes feature-length films, documentaries and short films, promotes messages of freedom which belong to the whole of humanity, regardless of where one might come from. The ambiance of the Dubrovnik walls enhances the mood of humaneness during projections of such films, since all films are shown outdoors. During a break between two projections, you can have an inspiring discussion with some of the eminent guests of the Festival, film experts who regularly accept the invitation to Dubrovnik.


One thing is certain – whichever path you chose to take and travel Croatia, there is a gift of beauty awaiting you. I is quite simple, Croatia is replete in opportunities that will allow you to choose and create your very own story.


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