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Travel Australia
by wader

There are several types of Australian visas that would allow you entry to the country. For short-term visits, your best option would either be an Australian ETA visa, eVisitors visa or a visitor/tourist visa.

ETA is short for Electronic Travel Authority, it is the easiest to acquire compared to any other Australian visa for travel. The application is fairly simple and can be done online. For eligible visa holders, there is no need to visit consulates or go through long lines. It lets you spend up to three months in Australia.

An Australian Tourist Visa, on the other hand, can let you stay up to three, six or twelve months. The Tourist visa can be lodged online, within Australia or outside of the country. There is also the Sponsored Family Visitor visa, which is up to a stay period of 12 months.

Getting the right visa for your travel needs is only the first step, the following are tips to help you prepare for your travel to Australia.

1. Check on the validity of your passport – Generally, if you are traveling for a visit, it is recommended that the validity of your passport should have at least six months left.

2. Get the appropriate medical insurance – Medical treatment in Australia can be costly. As a tourist, you are not covered by Australia’s health benefits unless there is an agreement between your country and Australia. If you are planning to get a travel visa to Australia, consider your options for medical insurance as well.

3. Prepare proof of funds – As an applicant for an Australian travel visa, you are expected to have the appropriate funds to cover your trip and your stay. Prepare to show your personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, tax records, statement of credit card limit and other evidence that you can cover for all costs for the duration of your stay.

4. Find out what you can’t take into Australia – The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is responsible for minimizing the risk of exotic pests and diseases that may enter the country and damage the agriculture. Before you make that trip, find out what you can and can’t bring into the country.

5. Do your research – Once all the necessary preparations are out of the way, its time for the fun part. Find out about must-see places, book your accommodation and find out about the weather. Don’t forget to get Australian dollars to avoid the hassle of looking for currency changers when you get there. When you’re all done researching, it’s time to pack your things and prepare for a great adventure.

About National Visas – National Visas is a world leader in Australian immigration services. It is a privately held company that provides assistance and advice to people who want to travel or migrate to Australia.

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