Physical Therapist Staffing Companies in Oklahoma

Physical therapists seeking rewarding career opportunities would do well to rely on physical therapist staffing companies in Oklahoma to secure rewarding jobs in reputable health care settings in the US. A physical therapist’s job entails helping people with physical disabilities regain their abilities to perform their functional activities independently.

Career opportunities for these professionals exist in hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, nursing care facilities, offices of physicians and offices of other health practitioners. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that job opportunities for physical therapists are rising in facilities with elderly patients like acute hospital, skilled nursing, and orthopedic settings, especially in the rural areas.

Prime Recruitment Services for Health Care Facilities

Staffing companies offer health care facilities customized staffing services in keeping with industry trends. Some of the advantages that employers gain include:

Qualified professionals with the necessary licensure
Travel and permanent staff
Volume discounts
Both domestic and foreign-trained personnel
Flexible, competitive pricing

Excellent Placement Opportunities for Qualified Physical Therapists

Physical therapist staffing companies in Oklahoma help qualified professionals find temporary, permanent or travel jobs in top US medical establishments.

Recruiting agencies assist them in obtaining the required license. Other benefits include:

Health Care Insurance: covers all major medical plans including dental and vision coverage, with excellent preventative incentives through a national PPO and a National Prescription Drug card.
Section 125 Cafeteria Plan: a tax saving program, allowing pre-tax money to pay for medical and child care expenses, not covered by insurance.
Professional Liability Insurance: covers all full-time employees Group Term Life Insurance.
Short-Term Disability Insurance: Employee sponsored, annual enrollment.
Continuing Education: May be reimbursed, especially for maintaining licenses, adding or maintaining certifications, etc.
Cancer Insurance: Employee sponsored, annual enrollment.
Immigration Processing: reimbursed for Internationally-Trained employees.

Locate an Oklahoma Staffing Company

Directory listings and yellow pages on the web provide information on reliable physical therapist staffing companies in Oklahoma. A reliable company is one that has a clear perspective of the aspirations of both employers and job-seekers.

Physical therapist staffing agencies help qualified physical therapists to obtain jobs in reputable healthcare staffing centres. TheraKare can help you with superior quality medical staffing services.

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