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If you’re travelling to Oman, whether on a regular or occasional basis, you’re going to need a reliable phone service with you. Bringing with you a mobile phone could provide you the added security and assistance that you might need, especially when you’re travelling alone. It’s also necessary to conveniently get in touch with locals or fellow travelers whom you know are in the area as well. There are lots of mobile phone shops in Oman that could supply you with the right device for you and at the most reasonable prices at that. But that’s only if you really need a new one.


Before going to any phone shops in Oman, you need to make sure that you really need to get a new phone. After all, if your current mobile phone is working, why not use that one? The prices for mobile phones in Oman are indeed cheap, but nothing saves you more than not buying one at all (except of course, if the call rates of your service provider within the country’s location are too expensive to sustain). Consult your mobile phone provider and ask if your phone can get network coverage in Oman, and ask for the rates.


But sometimes you can tell on your own if your phone can work in Oman. It just needs to meet a few specs. If it uses GSM (i.e. T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.), has dual band or quad band international or otherwise “world-capable”, and is unlocked (that is, can use any sim card from different carriers), then it’s most likely that your phone can be used for roaming calls. If that’s the case, then you don’t need to worry about going to phone shops in Oman anymore, except if you really want to get a new phone.


If your phone won’t work in Oman, and you need to have one with you when you go there, then you have to buy a new one. Get yourself a prepaid mobile phone from one of the phone shops in Oman. This is the kind of phone that relies on topping up your balance, rather than a monthly bill. You top up your account by using scratch cards which are readily sold almost anywhere, even the less urban regions of the country. That way, you get to load up your phone only when you need it. Just make sure you get the right top up cards for the phone that you’re getting, otherwise it won’t work.


The ones in Muscat are the best phone shops in Oman. Go to the Muscat City Centre Mall and you’ll find countless shops to go to. Being the biggest mall in Oman, you don’t have to worry about having to go to other places to get what you need. If you can’t find the phone that you want in one store, you can go to another, and then another, easily because all the stores are under one roof.  You can also find the top up cards that you need in the same stores.



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