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The city of Bogota in Columbia has so much to offer. You will never run out of wonderful things to see and do. You’ll be experiencing the very best in life and a plethora of leisure activities for you and yours.

Bogota, Columbia is home to an enormous urban park called the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, one of the biggest in the world. Within the park is a recreational section that also includes the Botanical Gardens of Bogota and the brand new Virgilio Barco Library. It is also the headquarters of Coldeportes, which is the national sports authority. There are many other historic squares to explore all over the city.

You will also want to visit the El Tunal Park, which is where the annual Rock al Parque event is held. The Rock al Parque started in 1995. It is a free festival you can take part in that features popular Latin rock bands.

The Rock al Parque is part of a series of festivals that is held in Bogota called Festivals at the Park. If you are lucky enough to visit Bogota and attend some of these festivals, you’ll get to hear spectacular music in genres like Opera, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa and more.

There is also a festival for children called “Boys and Girls in the Park”. Bogota offers wonderful experiences for young and old alike.
Another attraction you’ll want to enjoy is visiting Bolivar Square. It is situated in the heart of a very historical section of Bogota. Here you’ll find beautiful buildings and squares to walk though. It is the home of the Palace of Justice, which is where the Supreme Court is housed. On the south side is National Capitol, which is where the seat of Colombian Congress is held. On the West side is a French styled building that is known as Lievano and is the location of Bogota’s Mayor. To the east of the square is the Primate Cathedral, which was built sometime between 1807 and 1823. Nearby is the Holy Chapel, which it is said was built toward the end of the 17th century.

While in Bogota, you should certainly make the Gold Museum one of your adventures. It holds a magnificent selection of pre Hispanic gold and gold work creations, one of the biggest in the world. You’ll also find beautifully crafted pottery, stone work, wood work and shell creations that are a real testimony to the creative abilities of and lives of the people that inhabited Columbia before it made contact with Europe.

There is always something to do in Bogota anytime of the year. Christmas is always a great time to visit because you will find all the squares, malls and more illuminated with lights and brimming with Christmas happiness.

Bogota has so much to offer if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime. You can easily rent a wonderful vacation rental that is conveniently located in the middle of this wonderful city, close to all the festivals, museums and historic squares. It really doesn’t get better than this.

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