New Brunswick, Canada – A Glimpse of All Four Seasons!

In order to see the entire beauty of New Brunswick, the “Picture Province”, you must visit it in each of its four seasons. The four seasons are distinctively different from each other in New Brunswick with maple syrupy spring days, warm sunny summers, vibrant colored autumns, and cold crisp snow-filled winters.

Spring doesn’t arrive early enough for most of us who live here but when it does arrive it is welcomed with open arms. After our cold and snowy winter, the slightest hint of green in trees and grass proves that winter is over for another year. Before the Maple trees receive their green leaves they produce sap, which is collected, boiled down and used to make special maple treats. The boiling of the sap removes much of the water, which increases the sugar content. The remaining sugary substance is used to make taffy (candy) on the snow, maple sugar, and maple cream. Be sure to visit a local sugar camp in this season for what locals call a “sugaring off”!

Tourists come here in the summer for our more tolerable temperatures, our relaxed atmosphere, and our great seafood. Activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, boating, whale watching, and golfing are popular in the summer months. Our Acadian coast has some of the warmest salt-water beaches north of Virginia and our Fundy coast has some the highest tides in the world.

Autumn brings with it some cool crisp nights that aid in turning our sugar maples their vibrant red, yellow and orange colors. The color change happens quickly and usually remains beautiful for only a couple of weeks before the leaves fall to the ground. Autumn is also harvest time, so that would be the time to visit a vegetable stand, farmer’s market or two or even stroll one of the many walking trails and just simply admire the colorful leaves.

Winter has an entirely new set of activities for all ages. Skating, snowshoeing, skiing, sliding, and snowmobiling are all the rage this time of the year. There is no shortage of indoor/outdoor rinks, groomed sliding and ski hills and a network of snowmobile trails throughout the province. If all of that is not your idea of a good time, just curl up beside a warm cozy fire and drink a steaming mug of creamy hot chocolate!

As long as you enjoy nature at it’s best the “Picture Province” of New Brunswick, Canada will be beautiful no matter what season you choose to visit.

Kathy Boone has worked in the New Brunswick tourism industry for over five years. Having been born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, she is more than qualified to guide your vacation plans to her beautiful home province. Visit Kathy’s website

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