Mobile Working – Andorra

If you’re searching for somewhere that has first class broadband connections with a top speed, and low taxes, is it too much to ask for?

Happily there is such a place for today’s entrepreneur – Andorra.

Geographically between France and Spain in the Pyrenees, it’s an independent country with a population of 80,000, plus those who have taken residency to live in the Principality.

Best known to the general public for her skiing, the country became well known for it in the 1980’s and in recent years has improved her infrastructure to the extent that it now competes with French ski holidays on an even footing.

For those considering a tax haven such as traders who need high speed internet access and for those where time is critical, it’s a good working environment with or without tax, and Andorra steps up to the mark for them.

Considering it’s a small country in the middle of a mountain range Andorra impresses by being the 11th in the world for broadband speed – beating the United Kingdom for example, and according to Ookla who carried out the research Andorra has 14.79Mbps.

Good news indeed for those who need high speed communications in a tax friendly country – but what else can it offer apart from the financial advantages and good communications?

It has an infrastructure that matches any Western European country, with a good road network that has easy access to both France and Spain. Some residents drive to the Spanish coast for the weekend while some own property elsewhere and for example frequently enjoy Majorca villa holidays with a journey time of around five hours door to door.

For people considering taking Andorra residency, medical facilities are important, and more good news is that the hospital is modern and well equipped, with surgeons contracted from Barcelona to deal with non-emergency teatment as well as local doctors.

For tourists, there’s a good choice of hotels, both in the capital la Vella and in the villages and towns. Some of the hotels are as good as you’ll find on Swiss ski holidays, and there’s a wide range of culinary experiences available, including Michelin Star restaurants. Soldeu is one of the best known areas for ski holidays and first class quality hotels equivalent to anywhere else include the Sport Hermitage.

And it’s not just those who take Andorra residency who benefit from low or no taxes. For tourists Andorra is great for shopping with some of the lowest prices in Europe. To the extent that people make the trip from Barcelona to pick up the bargains. They visit the hypermarkets in Sant Julia just across from the Spanish border or make their way to the capital where there are department stores.

Andorra is great place for today’s entrepreneur, and if you’re wondering where to locate to, it might be worth a visit. has more information about Andorra and includes Andorra skiing holidays information.

A range of hotels both there along with reviews for some of the hotels in Barcelona are there.

For those wanting a tax haven and residency, in the property section are the Andorra residency requirements

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