Hit The Slopes At Bulgaria For A Refreshing Holiday!

There are so many good choices for skiing these days and a Bulgaria ski holiday tops the list! Travelers are assured of modern lifts, well-groomed snow and good restaurants aprs-ski. Savvy winter vacationers look for more than slopes and snowthey look for interesting people, new cultures, and new experiences for the times that they are not schussing down the slopes. Bulgaria, a new entrant to the European Union, offers a Bulgaria vacation with all the modern amenities combined with fascinating cultural experiences that enrich a skiers time in the country. Bulgaria holidays used to be about the beaches, but now its all about the snow!
More than just beaches!
A Bulgaria vacation used to be bargain-basement affair for Europeans looking for a beach on a budget. Its true that Bulgaria has hundreds of kilometers of fine beaches on the Black Sea, but today its amenities are known to appeal to more than just the bargain hunter. Those who have seen bansko properties, experienced the weather in bansko or visited other parts of the country have discovered a mix of architecture, culture, geography, food and people far richer and more varied than they expected.
Bulgaria snow- wintertime delight
Protected by the mountains on the West and moderated by the mild temperatures of the Black Sea, the weather in bansko is a good deal warmer than many parts of Europe further West. Bansko Bulgaria is known for its moderate weather and good ski conditions. Bulgarias mountains to the South and West of the country receive plentiful snowfall during the winter. Because they are a bit lower than the Alps, the climate is much milder and there is less biting wind than one finds in Switzerland or Austria at that time.
Bulgaria ski holiday- fun for the family!
The Bulgarian government, expecting an influx of European tourists, has invested significantly in the infrastructure to support Bulgaria ski holidays. This location has the natural advantages of good terrain, steady snowfall and easy access. In Bansko, a lot has been invested in the latest technology to groom slopes and carry skiers to the top of the hill. The combination of traditional culture, great terrain and the most modern ski lift equipment has resulted in an undiscovered paradise for skiers. The weather in Bansko is mild as compared to many cities in the high Alps, but promises ample snow during the winter months. You can get a snow report Bulgaria with current and forecasted snow conditions from off the Internet.
Beautiful Bansko
Bansko is a relatively new ski area, but with hundreds of years of tradition in the heart of the Bulgarian ski region. With 12,000 residents, Bansko is a real town with traditional churches, good restaurants and an interesting night life. Only two hours by car from Sofia, it is easily reached by private car or charter bus. With the most modern lift equipment, Banskos ski experience is fully the equivalent of the most modern alpine resort. For your Bulgaria holidays, the Hotel Bansko is right there at the slopes and is the direct route for those wishing to move from their rooms to the slopes in the easiest and quickest way.
Where to stay?
Banskos ski zone is well-represented by high-quality hotels. The Kempinski Hotel Bansko, part of the German chain, has established itself recently in the village. In addition to hotels, one can find a Bansko apartment, which is a good option for a larger ski group which likes to stay together and do its own cooking. While an apartment in Bansko may not be the best option for a single traveler, it may make sense if one wants to stay for a longer period of time.
Bulgaria holidays have become more interesting with the addition of alpine villages with the additional allure of cultural activities.

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