Hawaii Travel – Top Five Places of Things to See and Do When in Hawaii (Big Island)

Hawaii has a lot to offer visitors, from active volcanoes, to vast Kona coffee plantations, art galleries, farmers markets, and even exclusive black sand beaches formed by eroded magma from underground volcanoes. If you find yourself on your way to the Big Island, perhaps this top five list of places to see and things to do will better help you to decide how to spend your time when in this truly exceptional tropical paradise in the pacific.

Waipio Valley: At the tip of the northern Hamakua Coast you will find this plush, serene and relatively untouched valley that is truly a spectacle for the eyes. This amazing valley was the home to the famed Hawaiian King Kamehameha during his youth, appropriately dubbed “The Valley of the Kings.” This one mile wide and five mile deep valley features amazing cliffs that rise nearly 2,000 feet into the sky, many with natural waterfalls cascading down them, including the largest waterfall on the Big Island, Hiilawe Falls, which drops an impressive 1,300 feet.

Puuhonua O Hanaunau National Historical Park: This 180-acre national historic park features the lush, tropical landscape that has made this state famous and boasts hundreds of scared historical sites. History and legend has it that this place was where lawbreakers sought refuge during the ancient times. Notable landmarks to visit include the ancient Great Wall, Fierce kii, and the Hale o Keawe Heiau (a temple that holds the remains of the most famous Hawaiian chieftains).

Hilo Art Galleries: Some of the world’s best known living artists live in Hawaii on the Big Island and display and sell their art in the many galleries in Hilo. Notable locations to see when you travel to Hawaii include: Chase Gallery (glass art), Grove Gallery (localized arts, crafts and paintings), and the many other galleries that span Grove Gallery in Hilo Bay.

Hilo Farmer’s Market: Fashioned after the Great Markets of ancient civilizations, this is one of the largest markets in Hawaii. With more than 200 different vendors selling wares from t-shirts and produce to etched glass and arts and crafts, there is something here for everybody; especially great for bringing back keepsakes and gifts for friends and family members.

King Kemehameha and his 4 Statues: King Kamehameha was a warrior king responsible for unifying the islands during the early 1800s. Dozens of local legends and folklore surround the tales of this king, whose four statues are scattered amongst Hawaii’s islands to watch over them.

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