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If you’re looking for a holiday destination bursting with spirit friendliness and exciting natural diversity, then Ecuador could be just the place for you. As the second smallest country in South America, you’d be forgiven for thinking it may be quiet, but Ecuador actually packs a mighty punch for its size, so you’re sure to find fun waiting for you. One of the things that makes Ecuador such a great place to visit is the sheer diversity of its landscape. From the lushness of the Amazon basin to the majesty of the Andean volcanoes, you’ll find some unforgettable sights on a holiday in Ecuador.

Those hoping to understand a little of Ecuador’s history will find much to satisfy in Quito, the capital city. Home to some a wide range of impressive colonial buildings as well as an impressive 40 churches and convents, Quito also offers you the chance to take a ride in a cable car, offering spectacular views of the whole city.

Cuenca is another excellent place to soak up a little Ecuadorian history. Like Quito, it is UNESCO protected and features some beautiful architecture. You’ll love the chance to walk its narrow cobbled streets and check out its quaint plazas and impressive domed churches. Make sure you also spend some time taking in the Museo del Banco Central and massive Catedral Nueva. While Quito is the far grander of the two, the cities are both excellent places to enjoy a taste of Ecuador’s storied past.

BaƱos is another must see spot for any holidaymaker. Unwind in its steaming thermal baths and you’ll soon feel ready to explore some of the natural wonders nearby, including the town’s gorgeous waterfall. On the other hand, if you’re hoping for some adrenaline inducing activities, you could visit Ibarra where you’ll find a range of adventure activities – such as swing jumping and kayaking – as well as some unforgettable indigenous tours.

Some of the top historical attractions of Ecuador include the unforgettable Historical Park, an ecological park bursting with tropical plant life and exotic animals, and La Tolita, a unique archaeological site – believed to have been inhabited by one of the oldest pre-Columbian cultures around – that is located on a small island outside San Lorenzo.

While Ecuador is perhaps most famous for its biodiversity and gorgeous landscapes, it’s a country well worth a visit for its historical attractions too so history buffs are sure to find their flights to Ecuador pay dividends as well.

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