Corporate Travel – Jobs Ohio Bill

An obvious loophole in legal guidelines generating Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s brand-new semi-private job-creation panel could allow panel associates to take job-seeking trips purchased by corporations without having to report them to the general public.


The bill establishing JobsOhio requires that only “actual expenditures” on corporate travel, food or accommodations be documented. That phrasing appears to be to rule out airplane rides, meals and rooms in hotels that companies may offer to Kasich’s economic development team as they aim to bring jobs to Ohio.


The bill would certainly nevertheless call for Governor Kasich to record such corporate travel and enjoyment gifts, nonetheless it exempts all of those other JobsOhio from such public disclosure.


Oh, plus all my covering the bill’s text, I did not remember to stress a major point about RobsOhio that’s very informing. The entire thing was drew up by a lobbyist:


Columbus lobbyist Robert Klaffky, a Kasich confidante who made it easier for research and write the bill, advised The Associated Press he considered its purpose was for corporate travel expenses to be included in a annual review of JobsOhio exercise. He conceded the text demanding only “actual expenses” to be reported may well not reach that goal goal.

Not just did this high-profile lobbyist write the RobsOhio plan, but when Kasich attempted to make clear this towards the legislature, the Columbus Dispatch reported that this Governor sent the lobbyist not his personal staff to explain it for many years:


Last month, Kasich had Klaffky explain the JobsOhio bill in individual to the GOP House and Senate caucuses – a role usually consigned to an administration official and seldom to a lobbyist.

Nevertheless, the Governor preserves that his close relationship with lobbyist will for no reason influence the outcome of public policy as part of his Administration:


Kasich said he has managed to get clear to everybody: “Friendships end at the governor’s door.”

What exactly was the Governor’s reaction to AP that his lobbyist friend wrote into his RobsOhio plan a major loophole that would allow corporate travel be free of charge and allow to wine and dine JobsOhio executives, board members, and employees with impunity?


A spokesman for Kasich failed to offer quick comment.


Imagine that. C’mon Rob Nichols, this is exactly what you’re receiving payment the big bucks to spin! Earn that inflated salary!


But isn’t John Kasich so sweet when he’s this naive? He honestly considers that despite having a lobbyist draw up and then sell his JobsOhio plan to the legislature, he’s actually kept the “special interests’ snouts out off of the trough.”




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