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Essential Advice You Need Before You Travel To Brazil

So you want to go to Brazil? Have you heard of the pretty girls the sun beaches and nighlife?. Well its all true Brazil is the place for a party but I am going to throw some caution on your enthusiasm for the place. Why am I doing this you may say, well its all in the name of promoting Brazil.

Brazil is a great place to buy property, find a relaxing lifestyle and to live. The advice I am going to give you is real and you will not find it in a glossy travel guide to Brazil.

It is the real deal, so listen up: you need to know this. Have fun, party, enjoy yourself, but use your head. If you are going to spend the night with that lovely young lady, well go right ahead! First make sure that she is really a young lady and not something else- unless that is what you want...


Budget Travel

Have no worries about how are you going to spend your summer or spring vacations. It is supposed to be a real break for you, so stop the bother and just hang on to what all inclusive vacation deals have in store for you.The Grand Canyon is an amazing place, so I have dreamed to visit it since I was a little girl. And I has fulfilled my dream in June this year.


I live in New York, but I have never been to Washington D.C. But last Sunday I had a nice day in the capital. That was really a great city, Life gets monotonous if we don’t take care of few minor things to shape our life. We follow a regular routine. The last thought that comes in our mind before going to bed is to get up early the next day and go to work.


The Broadway theatre chain features some of the grea...


Tour Colombia Tomorrow For The Adventure Of Your Lifetime

Tour Colombia for the adventure of a lifetime; travel ancient highways and byways long overgrown and forgotten, leading nowhere in particular but to a place where the remnants of an important trading destination remain to this day.

Organising Colombia tours for parties of several adventurous like minded people, or for an individual personal itinerated back packing holiday,, with an office in Sydney, Australia and a local office in Bogota Colombia, is the one stop shop for tours in Colombia, small group tours of destinations in Colombia that are on the beaten track and off the beaten track, or individual itineraries for backpacking adventures.

Colombia is set to be the hottest destination in South America for several years to come and getting there n...


Famous Historical Attractions Of Ecuador

Travel Ecuador
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If you’re looking for a holiday destination bursting with spirit friendliness and exciting natural diversity, then Ecuador could be just the place for you. As the second smallest country in South America, you’d be forgiven for thinking it may be quiet, but Ecuador actually packs a mighty punch for its size, so you’re sure to find fun waiting for you. One of the things that makes Ecuador such a great place to visit is the sheer diversity of its landscape. From the lushness of the Amazon basin to the majesty of the Andean volcanoes, you’ll find some unforgettable sights on a holiday in Ecuador.

Those hoping to understand a little of Ecuador’s history will find much to satisfy in Quito, the capital city...


Beaches In Colombia

Colombia offers definitely excellent conditions for tourism. The appealing hotels in Colombia deliver really fantastic accommodation plus the attractions worth visiting are so much

Apart from the various amenities in Colombia hotels you’ll find also wonderful options for practicing water sports or just lie on the beach.

Beaches in Colombia are the ideal retreats for spending quality time with family members and friends. These beaches are apart from the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities and towns. Colombia is known for its beautiful and extended coastlines and also the golden beaches spread above it. A lot of of the beaches in Colombia are counted amongst the preferred tourist destinations in the Latin American nation.

The maintenance of the beaches round Colombia ...


Whale Watching In Ecuador

Every summer between the months of June to October the warm waters of Ecuadors Pacific coastline turn into a breeding ground for Humpback Whales. The whales travel from the furthest southern seas to congregate on Ecuadors coastline for breeding. Because the whales are born without sufficient fat to survive in colder waters, the young are reared in the warm water until they’re big enough to survive elsewhere.

This time of the year is favourite for all nature lovers. People from all over the world come to observe these incredible creatures. So it wont seem strange why most of the beach hotels in Ecuador are entirely occupied.

If any mammal understands the value of life, it’s the Humpback Whale that migrates over 7000 kilometers each year from the cold waters of Antarctica ...


Bolivia And Local Cultural

Holidays in Bolivia usually include a visit to Potosi, the highest City in the World. Its climates and temperatures are some of the most extreme and its landscapes too. The country, as a whole, has a sort of rustic, dry feel, but as your holidays in Bolivia takes you nearer the equator you also have the tropics, which are filled with thick greenery and fertility.Bolivia is like two countries in one, both physically and culturally. The differences are so noticeable it’s just not possible to describe the country as a whole. West-Central Andean Bolivia (with its primarily Spanish, Quechua and Aymara population) was the country’s center of wealth for over 400 years but has taken a slight downturn. Still, it is culturally and historically rich...


Experience Amazing Travel Destinations in Argentina

Argentina is the land with a number of natural resources and thus developed into a desired destination to nearly all vacationers who are the priests of beauty. In addition, the valuable cultural heritage offered by this South American country helps it to be a vacationers’ attraction for all.

Tourist spots in Argentina pull a lot of vacationers from all sections of the world due to its interesting characteristic. Argentina has a lot of things in place for visitors be it the astonishing attractions completed by beautiful scenery or other amazing places like the lowest positions of South America. The country is also the gateway to one of the most amazing spots in the world which is Antarctica.

The country can be classified into four tourist regions – Buenos Aires, Central Region...


Colombia Tours Open Up An Ancient Forgotten World

Colombia tours company and specialist travel company is dedicated to creating magnificent holiday experiences whilst sustaining, supporting and encouraging the development and promotion of responsible tourism within this diverse and ancient land.

The founding father of Colombia Tours and travel company Santiago Duarte believes in building a tourism industry that respects local regulations, values and customs and this philosophy runs deeply through the fundamental essence of the company and well informed and knowledgeable staff.

With an office in Sydney, Australia and a local office in Bogota, Colombia, the goal and ambition of the company is to organise memorable Colombia vacations while at the same time helping to preserve sen...


Argentina Travel Guide – Beneath Buenos Aires

Most travelers visiting Buenos Aires during their Argentina vacation spend their time occupied with the city’s enchanting atmosphere, rich culture and grand architecture. What lies beneath their feet might seem much less interesting.

But one of the city’s most fascinating – and little known – places is actually hidden deep underground in Buenos Aires’ colonial San Telmo district, and it is below the foundations of a 178 year old mansion that you’ll find one of the most unusual museums during your entire Argentina travel experience.

El Zanjon de Granados is a subterranean window into Buenos Aires’ long history, revealing how life in the city has changed since it was first established by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Mendoza in the 16th century.

A labyrinth of tunnels, pass...