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Mobile Working – Andorra

If you’re searching for somewhere that has first class broadband connections with a top speed, and low taxes, is it too much to ask for?

Happily there is such a place for today’s entrepreneur – Andorra.

Geographically between France and Spain in the Pyrenees, it’s an independent country with a population of 80,000, plus those who have taken residency to live in the Principality.

Best known to the general public for her skiing, the country became well known for it in the 1980’s and in recent years has improved her infrastructure to the extent that it now competes with French ski holidays on an even footing.

For those considering a tax haven such as traders who need high speed internet access and for those where time is critical, it’s a good working environment with or without t...


Shopping and Travel in Europe


The “Avenue of Diamonds and Rubies” (named for the steady stream of car headlights and taillights) is the ultimate shopping destination. From quaint patisseries to the world’s largest Adidas shop, anything and everything can be found along this stretch of the world’s most expensive real estate. It’s easy to see why retailers pay millions to set up shop; the history of this broad, tree-lined avenue, designed during the Renaissance by Marie de Medici, is that of the city itself. Parisians in 1940 cried on its sidewalks as Nazi troops celebrated the Surrender of Paris, only to rejoice in those very same spots four years later when Allied troops held their own victory parade...


Switzerland Schilthorn Switzerland Interlaken and Swiss Honymoon

by jargm

Switzerland is the stupendous souvenir of nature meant for stylish cities and hassle free urban lifestyle. Better called as paradise on earth, Switzerland is the magnetic destination for honeymooners of the entire sphere. Its dramatic places, incomparable lives are vigorously successful in alluring newly weeded couples. The fine cheeses, relish chocolates, watch making industry and stunning landscapes having brilliant public network are the ultimate seductive features of this fascinating land on earth. Switzerland Holiday synonymous to excitement and adventure in the form of skiing, hiking, mountain trekking and lots more.

Lucerne, Interlaken, Lausanne, Lugano, Locarno, St. Moritz, Basel, Engel berg and nicely completes your Switzerland Tour...


Yao Dao hand was rejected by Arsenal central defender Montenegro poaching Fanzao

by likus

Soccer jerseyssupply store report:

A day earlier, the British “Daily Star” revealed that Arsenal want to take away with 20 million euros in Rome striker Vucinic, but Vucinic’s agent confirmed Lucci, whether before or recently, after Manchester United Arsenal, no formal offer Vucinic. In addition, the phase of the 31-year-old Lazio’s William Gallas.

Wenger, Adebayor away and has been hoping to introduce a high-level center, height reached 186 meters, and the superior speed and explosive power are indeed consistent with Wenger Vucinic standards. But Vucinic contract with the team just last month, the contract period until 2013. Although Rome is currently being economic crisis, but Spalletti seems more willing to let go and not Aquilani Vucinic.

In fact, buy a player no matter how d...


Things to See and Do in Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Riga is the largest city and Capital of Latvia. Situated on the northern Baltic Sea coast and on the mouth of the Daugava River, Riga is an important seaport, as well as a major commercial, cultural, financial and industrial center of the Baltics. Riga is home to 715,000 inhabitants as of 2009, and is only surpassed in size within the Baltic region by St. Petersburg and Stockholm.

Riga is known for its extensive and wonderful Art Nouveau buildings, where you’ll find whole streets of wonderfully adorned houses in central Riga. Alberta Iela is the best place to experience this architecture in Riga...


A Best Guide To Travelling To Iceland

Iceland is really a very small Country, with somewhat over three hundred and thousand People living in it. But existing small does not stop hundreds or even of tourists every year from flocking to this attractive Country for the purpose of sight seeing. That is just because the Country is by nature endowed with lot of natural attractions, like beautiful lakes, hiking trails and Beaches.

One can bear to see breath taking views of broad open fields, with galloping around or horses grazing, and amazing water bodies such as valleys, lakes and waterfalls. The name itself might come across as form of strange, since the country itself is not cold all year round. In fact, just only about nine to ten percent of the Country is icy...


Finland Tour On A Tight Budget

Finland is considered one of the most exotic vacation destinations by tourists who are in search for quietness amongst vast forests and unspoiled wilderness. The tourism industry in Finland contributes to about 2.4 percent of the Finnish GDP and provides about 60, 000 jobs. You can too be in the list of tourists visiting the country every year. A trip to Finland is not a costly affair if the budget is planned properly. Before providing a guideline to help you plan your budget trip, let us delve into the attractions that pull such a huge number of tourists to the place.

Attractions of Finland

Nature is in its most beautiful form in this country. The summer in Finland, especially in the northern regions, is marked by long days...


Things to See and Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania as well as its largest city, with a population of 555,000 as of 2008. Vilnius has the honor of being the European Capital of Culture for 2009 along with Linz, Austria.

Since the 16th century, Vilnius has been occupied by Russia, France, Poland, and Germany. It has only seen independence since 1990 as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Vilnius has worked hard to create its own ultra-modern identity. This hard work has paid off with the above-mentioned awarding of the European Capital of Culture. However, despite all of the ravages attendant to the many conquerings of the city, Vilnius has retained a historic center with a diverse array of architectural styles, although the overall flavor is Baroque...


Discovering 7 Famous Places Worth Seeing in Budapest Hungary

Many people, especially those who love traveling, do not know much about Budapet – a very beautiful capitals in Hungary, Europe. The fact is that you will never be able to find any country in the world like Hungary. And Budapest is the among this country’s treasures that you should not miss seeing.


1. The Royal Castle – One of the most popular Budapest attractions is the Royal Palace. Built in the thirteen hundreds, this massive structure has a history that goes back quite a ways, and the castle includes a number of different building styles and architectural influences. Hungary travel information for the castle is widely available because of the high popularity it enjoys for visitors.


2. Matthias Church – Mathias Church, formally known as the Church of Our La...


Ronaldinho and hot supermodel Sanja Brnovic in Montenegro

Ronaldinho is widely regarded as one of the most gifted footballers specializing in free-kicks. While his fellows in AC Milan are training hard for the upcoming season, Ronaldinho is enjoying a long vacation with continual parties. Last weekend, he was spotted beside Serbian supermodel Sanja Brnovic in a nightclub of Montenegro coast. Both of them were seen to look like a couple. After Ronaldinho and Sanja left the nightclub, noone knew where they were. It was rumored that they were at a nearby hotel. Brnovic is a popular model in Bosnia as well as Europe. The ex-Big Brother star used to participate in Miss Montenegro.


Ronaldinho is one of few Brazilian players to have played at every international age level


Ronaldinho now plays for AC Milan and the Brazilian nationa...