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Camping Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Camping on the shores of the Red Sea and diving in its warm waters year round is one of the main attractions if you are visiting or live on the west coast. Unlike the Egyptian side of the Red Sea, where the reefs are literally dived out, the Saudi side has pristine virgin reefs due to the small number of people who dive there.

Rabigh and Shuwaiba beaches are two great spots to head to for the weekend in your pop up camper or just pitch a tent or better still, sleep under the stars.

Reef sharks, manta rays, moray eels, lion fish, black carol and a vast array of other fish, including the humpback wrasse are seen on a regular basis when you are diving or snorkelling in the warm waters of the Red Sea...


Some Places To See In Dhaka, Bangladesh

The South Asia tourism is always known to be of its own kind with a unique taste and creative aspect. Dhaka, Bangladesh falls under the similar category of having tourism of its own kind. The mega city of Bangladesh, which at the same time serves being its capital too flights to Dhaka are highly ruminated over amongst the tourists who intend to t ravel to Bangladesh for tourism purpose. Dhaka is the main country hub, where not only the business activities take place but is also major home to the educational sector as well. Located on the banks of the Buriganga River, flights to Dhaka give you a splendid opportunity to enjoy some interesting places which symbolize its culture, tradition, and depict some mesmerizing traits of being a modern city...


Medical Tourism in Israel

by Dinur


When a patient reaches the decision to have surgery abroad, the easy part is behind him as now he must start the difficult task of deciding on the medical destination followed by choosing the hospital he will want to undergo treatment in.

There are a lot of factors one must take under consideration and look into while going through the process of finding the suitable place. The short version is that you must check countries, hospitals and doctors. The longer version will include looking into hospitals track records and facilities, doctors’ experience and specialties, countries political status and inner stability and of course, cultural and language factors as well as the physical proximity to your home country...


Consider Your Options Before You Send Money To Armenia

Armenian currency is called the Dram, and has been since the country gained independence from what was the USSR at the time. That was about 15 years ago, and this currency has only grown more stable over time. Right now, $ 1 USD equals about 386 Drams. Of course, this number changes daily so be sure to look it up before you send money to Armenia in order to send the correct amount.

One of the first places you might turn to when you want to transfer money is the bank. You could consider using your own bank, but you should also shop around to compare the rates for wire transfers at different banks. Bank of America charges $ 45 for customers to initiate an international wire transfer in American dollars, and $ 35 to do it in Armenian Drams...


All about Bhutan Tourism

Bhutan is a small country of South Asia. It is often called as “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, “the Last Shangri-La” and “the Last Place on the Roof of the World.” The country is nestled in the lap of Himalaya and is known to have high tourism potential. Bhutan offers best opportunities for adventure tourism and cultural tourism. There are many places of interest in the country. Some of the popular tourist attraction places are Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa, Bumthang, Mongar, Chukna, etc. The spirit of Bhutan tourism is centered in the nature and culture of the beautiful land.

As the landmass is nestled in the lap of Himalaya, it offers spectacular view of mountain, enormous scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere for the tourists...


Private Thai Burma Death Railway Bridge, The Black Iron Bridge Linking Thailand And Burma

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by kimi-

Built as a result of the endless effort of thousands of labourers who died during the Second World War, travelers can take their own tour to the famous Bridge on the River Kwai and the start of the Death Railway. This bridge is extremely symbolic leaving a reason for anyone as to why they should see it.

This famous bridge and the death railway lies about 1 km outside Kanchuburi which is a province that is located about 80 km west of Bangkok. This bridge was created in 1943 as part of the Japanese project which wanted to link the exciting Thai and Burmese railway lines in order to support Japanese who were fighting British in the Burmese front. The heavy manual work that involved during the building of the bridge was undertaken by labourers and elephants...


United Arab Emirates ? An unorthodox, yet charming destination

The United Arab Emirates, besides being one of the most prominent oil bearing nations in the world, have evolved as one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. Following is a brief glance at the major attractions the UAE has to offer.

Dubai figures last in the list of cities that need an introduction. With loads of glam factor, this most popular destination of the United Arab Emirates is right up there when one talks about places that need to be visited at least once, if not every year! True, its atmosphere is more materialistic than one could imagine, with all the extravagant luxuries available if there is money to spend on them...


Events And Meetings At Crowne Plaza Bahrain

When you’re organising a meeting in Bahrain, you can’t overlook Crowne Plaza Bahrain. With a convenient location, elegant settings, and easy access to the wide range of entertaining and cultural delights of Bahrain itself, it is the perfect choice.

At Crowne Plaza Bahrain, we enjoy a convenient location in the diplomatic area of the city. Business delegates have easy access to the nearby embassies and many banks in the area, as well as the Bahrain Conference Centre, located within the hotel. With the airport only ten minutes away, you can’t find a better location for your business event.

Enjoy Bahrain

Whether you’re visiting us for business or leisure, you can enjoy the best of everything that Bahrain has to offer when staying at Crowne Plaza Bahrain...


Singapore Honeymoon Packages and Romantic Destinations Singapore Travel

Singapore is a main island with over 60 surrounding islets. These small islets of Singapore have a lot of attractions in store for the tourist apart from breathtaking scenic views. If you are looking for the world’s best honeymoon destinations with maximum privacy and peace, Singapore is the best place for Honeymoon in South Asia. A Tour to Singapore would take you to the islet of Sentosa, which is worth a trip. Some of these islets in Singapore have become favorite theme parks, such as Sentosa Island. Others have become camping spots or resorts filled with water sport activities. Each has their own special personality. Singapore is definitely the first choice for honeymoon holiday in South Asia.

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Thailand targets the Middle East

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that, despite the economic downturn, Thailand is continuing to attract an increasing numbers of visitors from the Middle East.

In fact, figures show a sixty seven percent rise in September 2010 compared with September 2009.

Whilst the figures for the final quarter of 2010 are still to be confirmed, the Tourism Authority of Thailand expects the overall number of visitors from the Middle East to surpass 2009 levels by at least twenty percent.

For the first nine months of 2010 the total number of visitors from the Middle East stands at 392,294 and has already eclipsed the total for the whole of 2009.

Pramoth Supyen, Tourism Authority of Thailand director for the Middle East, commented; “2010 proved to be a challenging year for...