Bolivia And Local Cultural

Holidays in Bolivia usually include a visit to Potosi, the highest City in the World. Its climates and temperatures are some of the most extreme and its landscapes too. The country, as a whole, has a sort of rustic, dry feel, but as your holidays in Bolivia takes you nearer the equator you also have the tropics, which are filled with thick greenery and fertility.Bolivia is like two countries in one, both physically and culturally. The differences are so noticeable it’s just not possible to describe the country as a whole. West-Central Andean Bolivia (with its primarily Spanish, Quechua and Aymara population) was the country’s center of wealth for over 400 years but has taken a slight downturn. Still, it is culturally and historically rich. Many foreigners enjoy the comfortable moderate climate of Cochabamba (population 600,000), which is most often compared to Cuenca, Ecuador in terms of altitude, climate, architecture, and culture.

From personal experience, when I lived in Bolivia, South America for three years, my transition into the culture there was aided by several books and a vast of information provided by other Americans already in country. One such book by Mark Cramer is Culture Shock! Bolivia. Some of the differences my husband and I had to acclimate to in the Bolivian society included simply saying hello and goodbye (everybody gets a kiss on the cheek, but men add a swift jab to the right or both shoulders),How can one country with vast resources and another country stricken with poverty both have many people who are malnourished? Why are they malnourished? Besides the availability of food, what other factors must be considered for the various health problems that exist in many different cultures as a result of weight? The overwhelming amount of evidence shows that the cultur.Most Bolivia projects are based in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, known simply as Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has many areas of interest including the Pirai River, the riverbanks of which are ideal for weekend picnics. The Municipal Zoo is one of the best zoos in Bolivia and features birds, reptiles, mammals, from the region as well as endangered and exotic species.

If we were to summarize the main ingredients used by the Bolivians in their food, we would say potatoes, corn, pork, rice, trout, beef and a great variety of sauces. And adding to these ingredients, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and the knowledge of what they inherited and what was brought new by the immigrations.To volunteer abroad in Bolivia is to spend your holidays in a productive way, and you will not only be helping others but improving yourself and your outlook on life. You will also have a great time, so it is not only an educational experience but a great way to spend a vacation. It is a good and selfless way to spend a vacation or just some free time.

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