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Villa Casanova considers itself a Bio first-class inn. Located in the trendy Lido Beach area of Venice, it is one of the first green hotels in this romantic city of canals. All the building materials are strictly non-toxic: cork, slaked lime, naturally polished travertino marbles and oil-polished wooden floors. All rooms are fitted with devices for circuit breaking, which offers protection from electromagnetic fields, therefore ensuring a restful, pollution-free environment. The buffet breakfast is healthy and mostly organic. All rooms are decorated in stylish Venetian décor while maintaining modern green standards such as organic cotton linens and toiletries. Room rates start at $ 130 per night.

Adventures in Preservation

Adventures in Preservation’s volunteers help restore old buildings for new uses, such as community centers, museums, or training schools. They also help jump-start cultural heritage tourism initiatives in economically depressed or undeveloped regions. Spend a week with AiP and find out why preservation can be a powerful tool for change. Learn how to care for the past while you help make a difference for the future.

Discover an ancient kingdom in England

Discover what lies beneath the Yorkshire Dales’ scenic patchwork of stone walls, grazing sheep, and small towns. In rotating crews of three, volunteers will be divided between surveying and excavation tasks. They will document underground features and create maps, using topographic mapping techniques and geophysical measurements. Using a hand trowel, volunteers will “take down the layers” and plot and record finds. The volunteers will also help survey present-day plant species and pollen samples from peat cores to explore how the local environment has changed since the Roman period. The research site is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where All Creatures Great and Small was filmed.

This year, think of travel deals Europe in a new way… a time to further develop your interests and skills, and to give back to the world in thanks for your good fortune.

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